Wood flooring: why plank length matters

The look of your room depends a lot on the flooring you have chosen. The length of the wood planks can make a big difference to the overall effect. Here are just a few reasons the plank length matters.

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Clean Lines

Longer planks create a cleaner line as there are fewer seams and joints in the wood. The butt seams can be eliminated by using longer planks to give a simpler look that many home owners enjoy.

Longer planks can work well in rooms of all sizes. If you use long planks in a smaller space, you could find that you do not have to have any joins at all, which can look really neat.

Patchwork Effect

Shorter planks will create more seams on the floor, which can make it look more cluttered. However, this can provide a patchwork-style effect that many people find appealing.

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The long wide plank flooring available form stockists such as https://www.woodfloorwarehouse.ie/engineered-flooring/long-wide-plank.html can be too clean for some people, and many home owners opt for the short planks because they can be more flexible in terms of shaping.

If you have an oddly shaped room, shorter planks might fit the space more easily. A smaller living space can really be brightened up with the right flooring.

The overall look of a room can be affected by the length of the planks, with an end result that is highly subjective. Longer and shorter planks can both work well, depending on your taste.

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