WordPress v Drupal: which is best for site editors?

Drupal has a bit of reputation for being difficult to learn, whereas WordPress is renowned for being relatively easy to pick up thanks to its roots as a popular blogging platform. Which software package is the best option if you have been tasked with editing a website?

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While it is true to say that creating a complete website in Drupal has a very steep learning curve, that does not necessarily mean that it is complicated to use as a content management system (CMS). Once your website is up and running, the playing field definitely levels out considerably. Which platform should you choose for your next business website?

Site editing is not site creation

It is all too easy to pay attention to reports of Drupal’s complexity when creating a website without acknowledging its ease of use as a CMS. According to WP Beginner, Drupal may require a fair amount of knowledge and experience during the web creation phase, but adding content is simple and intuitive.

Although you could potentially create your own website using WordPress without too much difficulty, when it comes to Drupal, you really do need to use the services of a dedicated Drupal design agency such as https://www.website-express.co.uk/, who will lay the foundations of your site, leaving you free to update your content at your leisure.

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Most users who switch from a WordPress site to a Drupal one quickly discover that their worries were groundless. The structure of Drupal websites makes them easier for administrators to navigate, which saves time and makes the process so much more pleasant for the site editor as the editing screens remain completely consistent throughout the entire website, with clearly signposted publishing schedules.

How future-proof is your website?

Once your administrators have learned the processes for updating and maintaining content, Drupal has the edge over WordPress thanks to its excellent record for security and its ability to grow and develop in line with your business.

Create a website with WordPress, and from time to time you will need to update your software and possibly even create a brand new website from scratch. However, Drupal can expand and develop in line with your business, making it easy for your web developers to add new features without needing to start over again.

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