tips for sorting and selecting digital photos

6 tips for sorting and selecting digital photos

Not sure what to do with your time? And if you took the opportunity to organize your photos and make an album. Not so easy, because you accumulate more and more photos. They represent your memories and sometimes make up for your memory lapses. It is therefore important to classify them well so that you can find them easily later. Follow the guide!

Select your photostips for sorting and selecting digital photos

You came back from vacation … and you took many, many shots. With digital photography, we often get to a hundred photos. The trick is to remove the duplicates. It often happens that you have several copies of the same photograph. Look carefully at each photo and locate the one where everyone smiles, where the light is the prettiest, where the whole family is in the photo, that no one has their eyes closed‚Ķ

The others, delete them. This allows you to occupy less space on your hard drive but also that your photo projections are shorter ūüėČ

Organize your photos

Start by storing your photos in folders. You can thus create a file by date, then by event, themes or keywords. For example: “My Photos” -> “2016” -> “Trip to Rome”, “Excursion to the Panda Reserve of China” or “Aunt Monique’s Birthday”.

If you choose a classification by month and by day , remember to reverse the date¬† so that you always have the most recent file first. Example: “My Photos” -> “2016” -> “2016-01”, “2016-02” …

Rename your photostips for sorting and selecting digital photos

DCIM 895, IMG 635781 … Not easy to navigate in the automatic naming of photos . Note that you can rename them when importing the photos to your computer . This option is sometimes offered to you if you use your camera software . It is advisable to name your photos according to the place and the date. It’s the easiest way to find and identify them. Example: 2016-02-voyage-italie-rome-1.jpg, 2016-02-voyage-italie-rome-2.jpg.

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How to easily find your photos?

You can  use the search engine on your computer . Just enter the name of your photo and you will have direct access to your photo.

The trick is to assign  keywords  to your photos so your computer will find your photos more easily.

Use photo software

iPhoto on Mac or Picasa, for example, offers you to sort your photos with many options: face, keywords, date, place … Adobe Photoshop Elements allows you to easily sort and modify your photos in order to print them.

To know: when you import your photos on iPhoto, you have the possibility of identifying people (as on social networks). So once the person identified on a snapshot, iPhoto will scan your files with each import to find them. If it is recognized, it will ask you if it is the right person. It only remains to validate. Then, you just have to look for the name of this person to access the photos where it appears.

Regularly save your photos on an external medium

Your computer is not immune to a bug or breakdown. It is therefore advisable to regularly copy your photos to an external medium. That is, to have two copies of your photos. So you can find them in case of problems!

There are many solutions depending on your situation and your desires, from the external hard drive to the DVD via the online storage service (Cloud) like Darty Cloud with its 100 GB of memory .

Enjoy your photos every day

Our digital photos tend to stay warm on our computers . And yet, there is something to have fun with his shots. A photo book as a holiday album, a mug with small children for grandparents, retro photo prints or a table format for the decoration of the living room, the calendar of the year, magnetic photos to stick on the fridge … The only limit: your imagination!

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