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Cheap Travel: Top 10 Cheap travel Destinations

Choosing cheap travel destinations is often the solution to travel more and satisfy your desire to discover the world. But must we make compromises? You will see that we can very well cohabit a small budget with a dream destination. For that, it is enough to opt for a place without rhinestones or glitter and yet with all the comfort and the wonder that brings a beautiful trip. You also need to have flair and find cheap destinations where the hordes of tourists do not yet flow.

The best Cheap Travel Destinations

1. Laos, destination travel cheap unknownCheap travel Destinations

Pearl of Southeast Asia, Laos is one of those unknown countries with bewitching charm. In the South, discover the 4,000 Islands (“Four Thousand Islands”) where you will easily find a stilt home in the middle of the Mekong. You can bask in a hammock or party at your choice.

Further north, the youngest among us will probably stop at Vang Vieng, a city famous for its evenings. Finally, even further north is the marvelous Luang Prabang, which invariably bewitches travelers. All arrive for only a few days and do not want to leave.

2. India, cheap travel to Gandhi’s countryCheap travel Destinations

India is a country apart and every traveler who went there will tell you: we do not come back unscathed! The Indian subcontinent offers one of the largest varieties of landscapes and cultures. From its mountainous regions in the North to its tropical beaches in the South, India will delight all your desires. It will also please your wallet thanks to its cost of living more than 60% lower than that of France, for example. Do not forget to visit Taj Mahal and the Tiger Breeze from us!

3. Colombia: jungle, beach, and salsaCheap travel Destinations

Colombia is one of the most beautiful travel destinations in 2019  and it is also one of the cheapest. After a few tumultuous years, this country knows from now on the tranquility as well as the security. So you can venture serenely in the Amazon or discover the fascinating city of Medellin. Do not miss the sublime Colombian beaches, be it the Pacific Ocean or the Caribbean Sea. And, of course, take the time to take a few steps to dance in Cali, capital of salsa. It is one of the best places for Cheap Travel Destinations.

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4. Hungary: from Budapest to Lake BalatonCheap travel Destinations

In the land of the Magyars, we cultivate well-being and low prices. Indeed, a pint of beer costs just over $ 1, a good meal in the $6 and a room in a 3-star hotel in the $40 worldwide.

Do not miss a walk in the baths, there are no less than 130 hot springs in Budapest. At 1 o’clock in the South-West is Lake Balaton, which Hungarian youths love. We bask in the water during the day and dance in his clubs at night.

5. Nepal: a cheap trip to the HimalayasCheap travel Destinations

Perched in the Himalayas, this small country is finally recovering from the earthquakes it experienced in 2015. Since then, tourism is slowly recovering and with an unmatched welcome. From Kathmandu, you can go trekking, either in the high mountains of the North or in the lush forest of the South. All this low budget since indeed the price of excursions is around 50 $ per person. Moreover, in Nepal, you can easily sleep homestay and live at their own pace for a trip in total immersion.

6. Bulgaria: cheap travel to EuropeCheap travel Destinations

Still unknown to the majority of tourists, Bulgaria is a destination that enjoys a mild winter and a mild summer. On the shores of the Black Sea, young people enjoy the sun at very reasonable prices. The pint of beer costs less than 1 $ and a good meal (including banitsa) in the 5 $. It is one of the best places for Cheap Travel Destinations

When the snow falls, you can have fun on the ski slopes of Bansko, Borovetz or Pamporovo. Of course, do not miss a trip to its beautiful capital, Sofia. No doubt you will quickly fall in love with the grandeur of its monuments or the kindness of its inhabitants.

7. Morocco and sun at a low priceCheap travel Destinations

Tangier, Casablanca, Marrakech, Fez, Rabat, Essaouira … so many Moroccan destinations that we have all heard about. If Morocco offers a great diversity of places and atmospheres to spend a pleasant stay, it also offers the possibility of spending a vacation ridiculously cheap. It is one of the best places for Cheap Travel Destinations

The power has been preserved since 1666 by the Alawite dynasty and corruption is going well. The majority of the country’s wealth is held by a handful of affluent people who regularly hold incredible parties with champagne flowing. As a result, the salaries of the rest of the population are extremely low and the cost of operating the tourist sites is accordingly too.

8. Sri Lanka, this little island with crazy charmCheap travel Destinations

This small island, formerly known as Ceylon, is at the southern end of India and north of the Maldives. For 2 $ you can enjoy a good meal and internal transportation is also very affordable. You will be able to discover so much its green hills where one cultivates the rice and the tea. But also it’s seaside and breathtaking beaches. Take the time to interact with the locals whose kindness is matched only by the warmth of their welcome. Remember to take sunscreen …

9. Greece: a journey through the historyCheap travel Destinations

If Greece is slowly recovering from the crisis of its public debt that hit it in 2009, prices remain surprisingly low and this sublime country offers the opportunity to spend an incredible holiday at low cost. Take a trip back in time to Athens where you can discover the mythical sites of Ancient Greece. It is one of the best places for Cheap Travel Destinations

Then take a ferry to explore some of the hundreds of Greek islands. Under a blazing sun and facing a sea of ​​blue that has nothing to envy to that of Klein, you will enjoy delicacies. As for the greeting of the Greeks, it is unparalleled! To pamper you, they will bend over backward to make you have a wonderful stay in their beautiful country.

10. Vietnam, change of sceneryCheap travel Destinations

While many travelers choose to escape to Vietnam, this country has not lost its authenticity, far from it! Its capital Hanoi will surprise you and you will enjoy losing yourself in the old city. A little further north you will meet the colorful Sapa people before heading east to Ha Long Bay to navigate the stunning rock formations.

Heading south, stop in the charming town of Hoi An and take the time to savor one of the best cafes in Asia. Finally, discover the swarming Saigon renowned in Ho Chi Minh City for a few years. Note finally that many travelers choose the option road trip because it is very easy to buy a motorcycle in Hanoi and sell it in Ho Chi Minh City, or vice versa.