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Maternity wedding dresses: the basic rules for enhancing your body

Maternity wedding dresses: the basic rules for enhancing your body. 2019 will be full of emotions, made of unforgettable moments and great changes. In fact, next to your wedding, next year will also see another happy event: the birth of a beautiful baby! Among the preparations for the arrival of the newborn baby, you will have little time to think about yourself. And how best to organize your wedding, but do not forget that in addition to future mothers, you will also be future brides! It is said that the woman during pregnancy is more beautiful. So be quiet, on the day of your wedding there will be just a few jewels. And a simple wedding makeup to make you shine. And what about the dress? 

Long live the Empire style!

The Empire-style wedding dresses have won the absolute first place in the premanic fashion chart. The cut under the breast, peculiarity of this style, allows the skirt to fall softly on the belly, gently caressing “the roundness”. Do not you want to give up being sensual. And seductive even during pregnancy? A bodice with a deep sweetheart neckline will give you a deliciously provocative. But not vulgar look, perfectly in line with the maternity bride’s dress code.

If instead, you belong to the category of romantic. And eternal dreamers brides, the advice is to prefer a rebrode lace bodice enriched with rhinestones and beads embroideries. A soft neckline that leaves the shoulders uncovered is what it takes to emphasize the decollete: You will not need anything else. But a small chain of light to shine. It is one of the best Maternity wedding dresses.

A candid cloud of silkMaternity wedding dresses: the basic rules for enhancing your body

All the charm of the skirt in an empire-cut dress is given by the mainly slippery. And impalpable fabrics that wrap the figure in a harmonious way, underlining the forms made generous by pregnancy. Light and fluffy weaves, such as chiffon, organza or tulle, are the ideal solution for this fine and delicate line. To avoid instead are the fabrics that create volumes that are too bulky. Or vaporous, better a silk voile that, even if repeated in several layers, gives the dress a look of elegant lightness. The white in all its nuances is the most suitable color for brides who want to stick to tradition and purity of these tissues give off.

On the other hand, if you, future subversive spouses. And creative attitude, have decided not to wear the classic white dress on the day you pronounce the fateful “yes”, you can only play with fantasy! A colorful wedding dress could be apparently a risky choice. But with the right precautions, it will give you a unique and innovative style. The delicate shades of powder are the most suitable. And when embellished with embroideries in relief and sparkling applications give the bride a gritty and classy look.  It is one of the best Maternity wedding dresses.

Small details that capture the looks

If the clean lines and the slipped forms will be the main component of your wedding outfit, you just have one thing: free access to accessories! A precious pair of jeweled sandals that can be glimpsed under drooping chiffon layers is that element of sophisticated elegance that you can not miss in your look.

Not to be underestimated then is the refined structure of your dress: a strap placed in the cut under the breast will give greater emphasis to the roundness of the belly, making the future baby of your outfit also participate. You can indulge in the choice of the belt among a wide range of variations, depending on your tastes: finely embellished with embroideries in glitter and beads or wrapped in vaporous chiffon ribbons that recall the fabrics of the dress. And why not emphasize the delicate shades of the set with a touch of color? A brightly colored belt that hugs the figure right under the bodice will emphasize the beauty that only waiting women can show off!  It is one of the best Maternity wedding dresses.

Male or female? If you are still undecided about the name to give to the little one coming, surely this article will have made you clearer ideas regarding the choice of the wedding dress! If you have already sent the wedding invitations, all you have to do is make an appointment with your trusted hairdresser and choose a half-bridal wedding hairstyle to enhance your image. And now let space for the preparations: 2019 will be a year full of happy events!