Wu Assassins season 2

Wu Assassins season 2: will it have on Netflix?

Wu Assassins is a Netflix- produced martial arts drama that tells the story of a young chef who was chosen to gather the powers of an ancient triad. The fiction created by John Wirth and Tony Krantz, and starring Iko Uwais, Katheryn Winnick, Byron Mann, Lewis Tan, Lawrence Kao, Celia Au, and Li Jun Li, premiered on Thursday, August 8.

In its first season, the action series follows Kai Jin, a young chef from Chinatown in modern-day San Francisco, whose life changes when he is chosen for a millennial task and gains the ancient mortal powers of the Chinese Triad, known as the “Wu Xing.”

After an encounter with a mystical spirit, Kai reluctantly becomes the Wu Assassins, using his enhanced martial arts skills to curb the supernatural powers of five criminals who threaten to use them to destroy the world.

Despite the recent premiere of this production. But due to its end, users of the streaming platform are already asking for a second season.

WILL “WU ASSASSINS” HAVE SEASON 2?Wu Assassins season 2

The cliffhanger with him closes the last episode of the first installment leaves opens the possibility of continuing the story of Kai Jin. In the final scene, Ying Ying (Celia Au) reappears before Kai (Uwais). And while everything collapses she says: “I’m sorry Kai, this is not over yet. The world needs Wu Killer. ”

However, Netflix has certainly not yet officially confirmed that ‘Wu Assassin’ will have a second season. Usually, the streaming service takes a few weeks to decide on the future of a series.

During that time, he usually evaluates the response of the audience, that is, the number of viewers of production. And although he does not share these figures. They represent an important factor in the renewal or cancellation of a program.

“What we usually check is, is it receiving the necessary amount of audience that justifies the cost of the show? We also take other things into consideration: How big is the show’s community? How social is the show? There are many things we review. But we are careful, and there are many factors in the final decisions, “said Netflix VP of Programming, Cindy Holland.

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If Wu Assassins is renewed for a second season. The new episodes will likely premiere on ** Netflix ** sometime in 2020.

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