Types of jobs available in care

Care work is incredibly rewarding, and there are lots of options to find Care Jobs Gloucester way depending on the type of role that you are looking for. Take Five Healthcare Care Jobs, for example, will cover a whole range of needs. Here are some of the types of jobs that are available in the care industry.

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Live-in care – for some individuals with complex needs, there is a requirement for them to have support throughout the day and the evening. In these instances, live-in care is often the best option. These care workers will live with the individual and help support them with several needs.

Personal care – these are individuals who will visit many clients throughout the day and will help them with personal tasks such as washing and getting dressed as well as getting meals ready and helping with any other tasks that they might need.

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Community care – this work tends to involve working in a care setting rather than in individual homes, and these are most often retirement centres and nursing homes. The work that is undertaken in these settings can be very varied.

Specialist care – there is an opportunity to specialise in care work, and this could be based on an individual’s age or their condition, such as Dementia specialist carers who will work in individuals’ homes and in care centres focused on supporting those living with dementia.

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