How to use a sauna at home

How to use a sauna at home?

Saunas are known for the many benefits they bring, plus you can install them almost anywhere. But imagine being able to have this in the comfort of your space with a home sauna included in your bathroom.

You had to go to a whirlpool spa in the past if you wanted to enjoy this particular service. However, things have changed, and it is becoming easier for people to install a sauna in their own homes.

Nowadays, installing them in your house does not greatly impact our economy. Even if you have a small apartment, it is not an impediment for you to enjoy the steam and all its benefits.

The good thing is that there is a wide variety of these new devices on the market and obtaining them is not really complicated. On the other hand, the most important thing to have a wooden sauna is to have at least two square meters of space.

How to use a sauna at home


The most noticeable thing you need when taking a sauna bath is to have a time of approximately 1 hour. In this way, you can get the most out of it and obtain greater benefits for your mind and body.

Now, if it is the first time that you are going to enter, you could ask someone to accompany you so that you do not run any type of risk and make this initial experience much more pleasant.


The best thing would be to place your body horizontally, but this will depend fundamentally on the dimensions of the sauna. For example, if it is a very small model, it is best to simply sit in a comfortable position.

However, if it is the first time, you should not exceed 10 minutes, as the tension begins to drop and this could result in an unnecessary problem. Take note of the thermometer and make sure it does not exceed 90 degrees Celsius.

In this sense, your skin will reach up to 40 degrees while you are inside the sauna. You will realize that the body will ask you to freshen up. In this case, you can go out and take a short shower with fresh water.

At first, it may cost you a bit to become familiar with the mechanism, but little by little, the body acclimatizes until you reach a time when you can hold on for about 15 minutes without much problem. Remember that it is advisable to give breaks between each session.

On the other hand, before leaving your sauna for home, sit down for a moment if you are lying down and let the circulation slowly drop and adapt to your vertical state. The idea is that dizziness does not occur and you can get out as well as possible.


Ideally, you should stay outside for a few minutes and be able to go outside to cool down your airways. Followed by this, take a shower as cold as possible. You need to start getting wet from the legs up. This will return the normal rhythm to your heart.

But if you are a hypertensive person, avoid this step and only take a shower with warm water. On the contrary, there are people who prefer to immerse themselves in ice water to increase blood pressure more quickly.

If you feel able to withstand cold water, it would be ideal to alternate showers during sessions. This will help stimulate circulation, removing toxins and waste from the tissues.

In the end, to avoid excessive sweating, rest for about 30 minutes outside your sauna. Then drink enough water, especially if it is isotonic, which will allow you to recover the minerals you lost and normalize the organism’s function.


You never have to enter a sauna feeling hungry. Neither on a full stomach nor thirsty. Ideally, do it at least half an hour after eating.

Do not drink liquid while you are in the steam session. Remember that you need to expel fluids from the body. Instead, drink fruit juices or freshwater.
Try not to talk, so you don’t breathe unnecessarily and end up getting tired.
Do not rub your skin to remove sweat. This can cause itching and skin rashes.
Do not prolong the sessions for more than 15 minutes. Do not do more than three continuous sessions either.
Forget hot showers after home sauna.

It is not ideal to use wraps to stimulate sweating. They will not help you lose weight and also, the toxins can remain in your pores.
Electronic devices such as mobile phones should be kept out of the sauna, as the heat and drops of sweat could damage them.


Before opting for a home sauna, it is important that you know exactly the advantages and disadvantages that these new mechanisms have for you.


Reduces stress levels – This is one of the main reasons people purchase a sauna. Research has shown that stress can negatively influence the cardiovascular system. Traditional saunas help with blood circulation.
Allows joints and muscles to recover: they are perfect for people who suffer from diseases such as arthritis or who have been subjected to great physical effort.
You get rid of toxins – Toxins tend to accumulate in the body if you don’t exercise enough. They bring many health benefits that occur when sweating. For this, a sauna is ideal.
You should know that a classic sauna does not help you lose weight. In this case, the liquids you expel are sweat, not fat. The use of saunas is strictly to release toxins.

Increases immunity: after using saunas frequently enough, it has been determined that the body tolerates cold and heat much better. It also stimulates white blood cells production and effectively clears the nasal passages.
Improves sleep times – People who usually have sessions in saunas have a deeper sleep as it helps lower the levels of endorphins found within the blood.


You can get burns: It is not something that always happens when using your sauna, but it usually happens after contact with the heater. They are often not serious but may require medical attention, so be very careful when moving near the stove.
Reproductive problems: temperature can intervene in the testicles of men. This causes pain and a decrease in the number of sperm.
In this sense, women are not affected by high temperatures. However, pregnant women may have some difficulties with the fetus.
Exposure to toxic organisms – Moisture promotes the growth of bacteria and harmful organisms. The temperature exposes the person to the athlete’s foot and the spread of the fungus.
Promotes dehydration: One of the main drawbacks is that you could become dehydrated by spending a lot of time in the sauna at home. The more time passes, the more liquid you will lose in your body, so it is necessary to hydrate after finishing your session.


After analyzing in detail the requirements of using your sauna, it is necessary to follow a series of recommendations to enjoy a special, safe and unusual experience.

However, entering these spaces is not something to be taken lightly. It is important to follow all the recommendations that the experts suggest to the letter.

Remember that the more time you spend, the more risks you can take in relation to your blood pressure. You must follow the advice mentioned above and take breaks between sessions to do this.

But not everything is negative, as there are many benefits that they can bring to your health, such as the release of toxins that clog pores, apart from reducing the high levels of stress and pain caused by arthritis.

It is important that you differentiate the use of the sauna. It specializes in using heat to help you sweat, not burn calories, because this liquid you lost, you recover again with rehydration.

As if that were not enough, the fact of having a sauna inside your home is definitely the icing on the cake.

You will be able to save time and money since you will no longer have to go to expensive spas to enjoy a sauna since you will get it in the most comfortable space in your home.

Finally, acquiring them is not really complicated, since there is a wide variety of models, sizes and materials that can be adapted without problem to your needs and economy.

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