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The best digital blood pressure monitors

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When visiting a specialist, he usually measures our blood pressure with an analog blood pressure monitor. To read the tension, pay attention to the sounds heard in the stethoscope and look at the viewfinder with the needle. Although an analog blood pressure monitor can and is more accurate in measurement, its use is not easy since it requires prior knowledge. And so we could say that it is limited to the use of the doctor, who is the one who knows. Today we share digital blood pressure monitors.

Why a digital blood pressure monitor?

It is especially indicated in people who need to control their blood pressure frequently, such as people with hypertension problems, athletes, etc.

Digital sphygmomanometers are simple to use and no prior knowledge is needed as with analog ones. It is enough to put on the bracelet, press some buttons and the device will give us the reading of the tension.

Not only do they offer information about pulse measurement, but they alert us when the reading made is not within the recommended ranges (hypertension or hypotension); Most of them have a heart rate indicator and a detector for some types of arrhythmias. If you suffer from any specific arrhythmia, the ideal is to use a blood pressure monitor specially indicated for this pathology.

They incorporate a memory that is useful if we must monitor the voltage frequently. Having a record of blood pressure values ​​will be very useful for both us and our doctor.


There are two types of sphygmomanometers, wrist or arm. Due to their precision, the arm muscles are more appropriate due to their proximity to the heart, since they are placed above the elbow and also a single artery circulates through the arm; unlike those of the wrist that is located further from the heart and where the artery forks at that point.

It must be homologated and validated, as this ensures that you really measure the voltage and do it correctly. When it comes to our health, we must be able to trust the device we use to take care of it.

The bracelet and the size of our arm. Before buying a blood pressure monitor, we must measure the circumference of our arm and pay attention if it is within the measurements specified in the bracelet, or if not, buy one that fits our arm. If the size is not adequate, it will affect the measurement.

Always measure your blood pressure at the same time of day. Regardless of the device we use, the “when” we do it is important. When waking up the tension is usually higher, after food and at night it is usually lower. For this reason, the measurement must be always carried out at the same time.

As it is a measuring device, every two years approximately it requires a check and calibration. The brand of the blood pressure monitor must have good technical service.

Important: a blood pressure monitor of this type helps us to monitor the tension daily, but it should never be used to replace the periodic measurements made in the doctor’s office.

Best digital blood pressure monitors

Favorite: Omron M3digital blood pressure monitors

These types of devices are usually not cheap, so the Omron M3 is the best suited in terms of price and functionality.

It allows pressure measurement and detects cases of hypertension or hypotension. It is much more accurate than the rest of the sphygmomanometers. Because the way to indicate high or low pressures above the average is placing them within a value scale. It also measures the heart pulse and allows to detect irregularities in the beats such as arrhythmias.

The bracelet adapts from 22 to 42 cm and has a printed guide for its correct posture on the arm. It includes the “Intellisense” technology that guarantees a correct inflation pressure of the cuff and does not start the measurement of the tension until it is correctly placed, guaranteeing an optimal reading of the results.

It even comes with “Intelli Wrap Cuff” technology, which is what the brand itself advertises as “360-degree precision”, achieving accurate results in any position around the upper arm.

The interface and the control panel are quite intuitive, and the large screen helps to see the information clearly, so they can be used without problems by people of any age.

It takes up to three readings in a row in an average of 10 minutes and can record memory for two different users: 120 memories, 60 per user.

Its operation is through 4 AA batteries that last approximately 1000 measurements, with which we can use it at home or take it with us on a trip. It also offers the option of using it connected to the electrical current.

Some experts have noticed when taking the pressure, it gives values ​​with a little variation. In this case, it is important to remember that it is normal for the pressure to vary during the day and that it is advisable to always take it at the same time for a long time, to establish a pattern.

This model is clinically validated by the European Society of Hypertension; The following model, the M6 ​​Comfort, is approved by the international protocol: Blood Pressure Monitoring, which guarantees the development of extremely reliable and precise blood pressure monitors at the brand. It should not even surprise us if we find this type of sphygmomanometers in any medical center.

A&D Medicaldigital blood pressure monitors

A slightly cheaper model than the Omron, since it only has a capacity for 30 memories.

Its bracelet is a little narrower, from 22 to 32 cm, but the good thing is that we can opt for an optional measure of 31 to 45 cm.

Its interface is also simple, just press a button to get the values. With the size of the numbers on its screen, it is not far behind, being even better than the Omron in the initials SYS, DIA, and PUL, which indicate the systolic, diastolic pressure and pulsations, they are larger and are on a white background than ensures better contrast. It is not that the experts have put “tiquimiquis” with the graphic design, but that these details are of great help for reading in the elderly.

As for functions it is similar, it measures blood pressure and in case of hypertension it indicates it using a color scale, less exact than a value scale, but it will be useful to light an alarm in case of high values.

It incorporates a technology developed by the brand called “IHB: Irregular Heart Beat”, which allows the heart rate to be measured by detecting some arrhythmias if any, including atrial fibrillation.

Its operation is by 4 AA batteries and allows it to be connected to the electrical current using an adapter not included.

If we are concerned about the support of this blood pressure monitor, A&D is a brand with a long history in medical devices and this blood pressure monitor also has the validation of the European Society of Hypertension.

Medisanadigital blood pressure monitors

It performs the basic functions of blood pressure measurement and pulse detection. The identification of certain arrhythmias and hypertension do so based on the values ​​recommended by the WHO (World Health Organization).

The Medisana’s interface and display are upgradeable. For example, it uses two buttons, one to turn on and the other to carry out the measurement, being able to be all unified and gain some more screen space. Even because the blood pressure monitor after 1 minute without registering use automatically turns off.

The distribution of the legends can be another point of improvement since they are very small, they are not all placed together and the contrast is not very good. The numbers, however, are clear and of a good size.

The color scale, which allows us to locate the irregularities in the pulse in case we had them, is a little more developed than in other sphygmomanometers, using 4 colors instead of 3.

It has a memory capacity of 120 registers, 60 for each user. It is certified by the European Directive CE0297.

The disadvantage? Its size. It is less compact and somewhat heavier, an aspect that we must take into account when traveling and being able to carry the blood pressure monitor.

It works 4 AA batteries and the possibility of using an adapter, but we must purchase it as a device since it is not included.

BROADCAREdigital blood pressure monitors

In comparison, it offers a greater memory capacity than the Omron, 198 in total, 99 for each user. The bracelet is from 22 to 42 cm in size and can be adjusted according to our arm.

As a plus, it is very compact and we can store it or take it on a trip without taking up much space.

Despite being compact, its interface is very intuitive, a power button, another to take the pressure (“S” for start) and another to record the measurement data in the device’s memory (“M” for memory). The indications and numbers on the screen are large and legible.

Unlike the rest, it is charged via USB, with an estimated time of 90 minutes and autonomy of use of around 528 measurements. The disadvantage is that it does not include any indication that warns us when the battery is running low.

We can get a USB adapter to electric current, taking care not to overdo the current recommended by the manufacturer. It has an automatic shutdown.

Beurer BM 85digital blood pressure monitors

The most complete of all: It measures the pressure and the cardiac pulse, detects some arrhythmias and cases of hyper or hypotension with a much more sophisticated LED color scale than in the other blood pressure monitors.

It also offers an average of the morning and evening blood pressure of the last week.

It has a calm indicator to detect hemodynamic stability (blood flow stability). And obtain more accurate measurement results, with which measurements can be performed both sitting and lying down.

It allows us to register up to 120 memories and 2 users. Via Bluetooth or USB, it allows downloading the data into the mobile APP “Beurer Health Manager”, with which we will always have the information available and in the form of graphics for quick and easy reading.

The bracelet measures from 22 to 36 cm, with the possibility of separately purchasing an XL bracelet measuring between 35 to 44 cm.

It includes support to keep the cuff rolled up, which is much thinner than in the other blood pressure monitors; the set is also very compact and slim, ideal for traveling.

It is charged by USB, and in this tensiometer, if we can know the state of the charge. After a few seconds of non-use, it will disconnect automatically. If we get a transformer, we can use it with electric current, always following the manufacturer’s voltage instructions.

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