tips to help us achieve a healthy life

8 tips to help us achieve a healthy life

Forgetting sedentary life and starting to enjoy all the possibilities it offers us is much easier than it seems. In order to change a series of habits that do not benefit us, you just have to aim for it. If you are willing to change your lifestyle, but still do not know how to start, you can propose to follow these 8 tips that we give you to achieve it. The first step towards healthy living

Tips for a healthy life

1. tips to help us achieve a healthy lifetips to help us achieve a healthy life

Good digestive health is part of a healthy life and, for that, we have a fiber ally. We can find fiber in foods like fruit, vegetables, and seeds. Wheat bran fiber aids intestinal transit and therefore aids digestive health. For example, the fiber present in seeds such as rye contributes to the proper functioning of the intestine.

There are two types of fiber: soluble and insoluble fiber. The first is present in foods such as fruit, legumes, vegetables, and in certain cereals such as oats or barley. This type of fiber, when it comes into contact with water, increases its size, and therefore its ability to circulate through the intestine is greater.

Insoluble fiber can be found in other cereals and their derivatives such as bread or whole wheat pasta.

2. Hydrate

Our body is composed mainly of water, so you have to continuously replenish these reserves to be properly hydrated, ideally drinking two liters of water a day.

Consuming this dose of water is beneficial because it helps maintain normal physical and cognitive functions.

3. Include Activia in your weekly menu

Consuming fermented milks like Activia helps your digestive health. To complete your menu you can take it as a dessert both at lunch and dinner. Add a few nuts or fresh fruit to make it even healthier. Also, remember to combine the diet with some physical exercise.

4. Eat five meals a day: don’t skip any!

Healthy eating is part of a healthy life. Organizing the daily diet in five doses consists of making three main meals along with two snacks, one in the middle of the morning and another in the afternoon. The ideal is to try to make one of these meals approximately every three hours, this way we will prevent hunger from arising.

5. Practice regularlytips to help us achieve a healthy life

Walking for 30 minutes a day will make us have a more active life. We can also change small gestures in our day to day, such as choosing the stairs before the elevator or walking to work, these habits will keep us away from a sedentary lifestyle.

Playing sports has many benefits.

6. Sleep eight hours a day

Having a rested body and mind makes our concentration level increase, we will also be in a better mood, and tiredness will not interfere with our routine. It is recommended to sleep at least 8 hours a day to perform better during the next day.

7. Take the stress out of your life!

Stress occurs when a hormone called cortisol gets out of control. With stress, moods are also affected. For this reason, having high levels of cortisol in our body can cause stress.

To combat it there are a number of simple tricks that you can follow. Listening to music, for example, helps the brain to relax. Taking a short nap can also help us since the brain rests.

8. Practice Mindfulness techniques

Enjoying every moment is the basis for this new way of life. If you are aware at all times of what you are doing and do not allow negative thoughts to prevent you from being one hundred percent in your activities, you will be happier and have a fuller life.

Mindfulness techniques are also extrapolated at mealtime. Something as simple as concentrating on the food we eat, enjoying every bite, and all the flavors, will turn food into a moment of pleasure.

So now you know, taking life calmly, eating a good diet, being more active and drinking plenty of water are the keys to leading a healthier life. Now that you know all this, don’t wait to put it into practice!

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