The unique architecture of the Tensile Fabric Structure

These are the structures that you’ve seen countless times but probably don’t know the name of. Tensile refers to a tension that is created across a fabric to make a structure, most often a roof or covering. The system is characterised by pulling tight on a membrane with a cable or wire to provide a roof structure. You often see this providing a visually interesting exterior for an entertainment building like a cinema or restaurant for example.

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The system can come in many forms but usually follows two basic designs known as the Saddle and the Cone. These create striking architectural works and aesthetically pleasing public areas. The tension removes any potential for fabric creasing and also makes it strong enough to withstand bad weather conditions.

A tensile fabric structure can be used for a wide variety of situations and purposes. They require less material than other building methods meaning they weigh less and are more easily transported. Versatile and flexible, they can be custom-made to suit an individual’s unique requirements of shelter and/or shade. They also make a great focal point.

A structure like this is ideally suited to any occasion where a business or private customer is seeking a standout feature, something that’s considerably different to the conventional buildings around it. They can be a real showpiece for any urban project.

Tensile fabric structures are also ideal for times when a large open area is required, without columns or supports taking up unnecessary space. These structures can span up to 150 feet unsupported. This makes them the perfect choice for uses like agriculture, sports facilities, and storage.

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They are also useful for those needing a semi-permanent structure that might be moved at some point, such as a relocation, temporary school, moving exhibition or festivals, for example.

If a prefabricated modular building is required, tensioned panels on a metal frame are a highly cost-effective choice of structure in today’s tough economic climate.

They also offer a great solution when additional space is needed for existing conventional buildings, acting as a lightweight alternative to building an extension. A tensile structure can operate as a walkway, shade, a lighter roof, skylight or as a canopy.  If you are looking for a property to buy with land to develop a short term solution for work for example Conveyancing London based Sam Conveyancing could help with the process to enable this.

Although their shape is commonly based on two styles, they are highly versatile and can be designed in any number of different shapes to meet individual requirements. The structures can use the shapes and principles of the Saddle or the Cone, or both, and then be adapted for bespoke designs.

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