Gold Color: Much more than a color

You know that we’ve finished the psychology of color! but I do not put sad that we always find an excuse to continue talking about the color. Moreover, as I already ahead, there is still gold and silver, and that is the issue today!

Perhaps they are not colors that we think when we are asked for our favorite color, we work harder to see them as a color per see, but are becoming increasingly present in the day.

DesignNot so long ago there was a fashion in clothes that were taking supplements in these colors, they are widely used and even dresses in these colors to galas and important events.

So we will study them in depth, to see whether or not we include them in our designs! Shall we start with gold?

More than a color

Perhaps it is not a color that we think often, but is more present in our daily lives than we think. Often we liken it to yellow, but the symbolism, the color gold is not like any other color. When we think of him, think of the precious metal, and this means money, happiness luxury … that clearly determine the symbolism of gold.

But not everything is positive on gold, these same features make wake negative qualities such as arrogance and materialism.

Symbol of happiness

The gold color, with the red and the green, line up the happiness, accounting for the money, love and health.
Thus the color gold and money are clearly related, and therefore also the fortune. Often we relate the word gold, when we say that “something” is a treasure, figuratively, or we can make money. For example, a large soccer goalie, you can tell him he has “golden hands” or a great singer “the golden voice”.

Gold, in almost every culture represents the most, the greatest fortune we can get. Even the context is taken to other materials such as oil, “black gold”. All things sell high, just being gold.

The brightness of fame and lasting

The color of fame is the quintessential gold. In sports, the winner receives a gold medal and film, most film awards are gold.

Gold from one of the noble metals do not corrode, always remain as they are, besides in its natural state is not combined with other elements. This makes him one of the representatives of the qualities that are maintained with the passage of the years as loyalty, friendship, honesty. Gold never loses its value, nor is pulled, remains over time.

The color of beauty and luxury

The gold color in fashion is intrinsically linked with luxury and beauty. Dresses and accessories of these colors, they are mostly used at events and galas night and some luxury.

In ancient times only people with high economic level wore golden suits (they used to be made ​​of gold thread), but at present, the use of gold is very common in the general population. Gold jewelry is no longer identify the rich and the clothes are not commonly used gold thread, it would be too flashy.

Gold luxury, but there is a point where luxury goes ostentation. A man wearing a gold ring, probably go unnoticed, or a woman with gold earrings. Maybe the passing of this material to everyday objects which need not be luxurious which makes them conspicuous. Either way, the gold is easy to turn an ordinary object in one luxurious.

The gold color in the design

That gold is expensive, it is known to all, but also the plastic golden, golden plate are not gold. In design, it is a color widely used in the packaging of objects or food, some detail in this color ennobles the product.

Poetry is a very used color, autumn is golden, not yellow, golden hair shining in the sun … Yellow is the most realistic color and gold gives a spiritual point.

As a color, it expresses luxury, is widely used in brands that try to make that point luxury products, such as car brands. Often we speak of chocolate as a treat for the palate and many of these companies reinforce it with the golden color in their logos.

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