3 design trends and product brand in 2015

Now that we are already in the middle of 2015, we have identified three emerging trends in what has product design and packaging terms, and we believe it will continue for a long time.

1. Authenticity Visual


  • Handwritten, hand freely and typography.
  • It includes vintage references.
  • Simple illustrations drawn by hand.
  • Natural color palettes.

DesignThe visual authenticity is a departure from the usual trends that we see, however, it becomes the mainstream design. Visually, it is a transgressor of the principles of brand design but is a response to society today. Today’s consumers no longer feel rooted on established brands and prefer to innovate and try new things.

Tastes are diversifying into more authentic, real and true quality of things. They are treated in products that give us confidence and that there is a human connection between seller and consumer.

The digital age has led to a lack of human connection. Because of this, buyers are responding to more traditional brands. They want more, demand more. They need a real trust, human connection and brand products they consume.

Many brands use a real visual style, in order to connect to a very specific niche of consumers. They do this by craftsmanship, quality and expertise in product design and packaging.

2. Less Luxury

Trend :

  • Discreet and subtle design.
  • Tactile textures.
  • Discrete palette and soft colors.
  • Iconography and hand-drawn graphics.

Luxury is a declining trend and represents a new generation of luxury products that are so dependent on brand name and overly flashy and flamboyant designs. In this post-recession, a new wave of luxury brands are emerging in Western cultures, where their packaging are very graceful.

Although the economic situation has changed the most powerful brands, there is still a need to express product quality, origin and values ​​of luxury. Gone are the days of excess and inaccessible brands.

3. Ultra-Pure


  • Simple and distinctive design.
  • No traditional logos.
  • Elements, geometric patterns and abstract.
  • Monochrome, usually no more than two or three colors.

The ultra pure is a trend that manufacturers are looking to create. This trend is a reaction to the growing appreciation of users and brands as minimalist. But it goes a step further: it is the process of reducing the essence of a brand, summarizing it at the most simplistic. It is the opposite of excess and the ultimate expression of the purity of the brand.

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