10 tips for successfully designing logos for brands

Visual communication plays a key role in branding. And the face of visual communication marks is the logo. Is this the welcoming consumers to the brand, the intermediary that brings together the company and client? For this reason, the process of creating the logo of a brand is so important. It must be unique, reflecting the values of the brand and at the same time be credible for the customer. To achieve maximum efficiency in the design of corporate logos, we recommend the following 10 tips:

  1. The logo must connect with the consumer
    A good logo should connect the brand that represents your target audience.Their task is to serve as a bridge between the brand and consumer loyalty to that brand.
  2. The logo must activate thinking consumer
    brand logos must trigger mental processes on the consumer.Imagination and subconscious customer should encourage.A logo that does not connect with the consumer’s mind is a failed logo.
  3. The logo should promote consumer loyalty
    logos are closely related to the loyalty and consumer confidence.The more communication of logo is the faster the loyalty of potential customers of the brand.Do not forget, moreover, that the logo should create links not only with consumers but also with the employee of the company he represents.
  4. The logo must strengthen the presence of the brand
    ‘s logo is the “ambassador” of the brand, the one who is always and everywhere, even when it has no physical presence.With a good logo can be present in the daily life of consumers without any “real” contact between company and customer.
  5. The logo must have a meaning
    Provide the logo rational meaning is important to connect with the customer.To achieve this, not just create an “attractive” logo.It must have an issue and can be associated with rational elements. Moreover, it is not only that the logo has global significance as a whole, but it also has each of the parties that comprise it. If not, the connection to the consumer will be much harder.
  6. The logo should not be bored
    A good logo should never boring the consumer.Your goal is to capture the customer’s attention and this is not achieved by boring.If the consumer is bore and not connected with the message of the logo and forget it.
  7. The logo should not be too complicated
    Simplicity is often key in designing logos for brands.The simpler a logo, the better it will connect with the target audience of the brand.Instead, a logo with a design too “convoluted” it will be more difficult to conquer the customer, since it will be less memorable.
  8. The logo should not include photographs
    A logo is more memorable if it consists only of simple graphic elements.The photographs contain millions of colors that are very difficult to process.Therefore, it is better to give up this type of elements in the logo.
  9. The logo should not be a copy of another
    If you want to really connect with the consumer, the logo should be clearly differentiated from the competition and be unique.It is a mistake to try to imitate the logos of other brands.
  10. The logo should not be used too strange fonts
    The font is crucial in designing logos for brands.To achieve connect to the client, it is best to use simple fonts and some recharged.

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