good movies which didn't won oscar

9 good movies that have not won an Oscar

Coinciding in the same year with other interesting films has prevented film classics from achieving the prized statuette. Within hours of the Oscar 2018 award ceremony, we look back for 9 good films that have not won the Oscar.

It is a common convention that of associating the Oscars with a good movie that exists or that we have seen. However, surely you would be surprised if you knew the number of great movies in the history of the cinema that  ‘did not eat even a colin’  at the Oscars gala.

Whether it was because they were ahead of their time, because the criticism of their time gave them a lot of steam, or, simply, because they competed in a year in which there were several films worthy to win the most important prize in the film industry in their place.

With this same idea in mind, we propose a ranking of 9 good films that have not won an Oscar. All of them are films that, in one way or another, have gained over time the recognition of the public and also certain fame in cinephile circles.

Some of them, even, may seem strange to you and you will not believe that it would be possible for them to pass without pain or glory because of the Academy Awards for Arts and Cinematographic Sciences, in charge of awarding the prize awards.

Therefore, when you read these titles, do not miss their mention at all. All of them are great films, which unfortunately did not convince the jury. Did they deserve the Oscar? Judge yourselves

Psycho (1960)good movies which didn't won oscar

Our first good film that did not win the Oscar could well be one of the best horror films of all time. However, in honor of the truth, its director  Alfred Hitchcock saw them and I wish to be able to premiere it. Not only had the same budget as a television production of that time, but also had to do with the censorship of the time for issues that today would seem insane. With so much resistance and problems to be released, we should not be surprised that Oscar did not win in any field.

Psycho  ( Psycho ) is considered one of the key films of suspense and also of horror movies. The Norman Bates of Anthony Perkins and the fixation of this with his mother are movie cliches, parodied and honored ad nauseam. By the way, he had up to three sequels and a television series based on this film, which very freely adapted the Ed Gein murders.

The Good, the Ugly and the Bad (1966)good movies which didn't won oscar

One would think that this, one of the best Western in history, deserved to have won a statuette at the time. However,  El Bueno, El Feo y el Malo was excluded from the Oscars for various reasons. The first of them, that it was a foreign film, of a genre as maligned as the spaghetti western at that time. The second reason, of the hand of the previous one, was that the films of the West still had by a smaller sort, except for rare exceptions.

In addition, we must not forget that the sordidness and violence of this film outraged more than one viewer of his time. The controversy generated due to the alleged exaggerated violence that showed well could be behind this film by  Sergio Leone was left out of the Oscars.

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Taxi Driver (1976)good movies which didn't won oscar

“Are you talking to me?”. Even if you do not believe it, Travis and his taxi stayed out of the Oscars.  Martin Scorsese, responsible for many of the best mafia movies, did not win the Academy Award with this neo-noir thriller. And it is that the story of a taxi driver alienated, depressed and homicidal tendencies did not finish swaying among the jury.

It must be recognized that she was nominated for 4 Oscars no less:   best film, best actor (Robert De Niro), best-supporting actress (Jodie Foster) and also for best soundtrack. Perhaps, again, the controversy of the subject that it dealt with and the high levels of violence played against it. By the way,  Taxi Driver is a “movie” in capital letters and if you have not seen and you are taking time to catch up with her.

The Purple Color (1985)good movies which didn't won oscar

Beware of thinking that Steven Spielberg’s name is synonymous with Oscar. That “Steven” directs a movie is no guarantee that he will win by force. And if you do not take into account  The Purple Color, one of the greatest dramas of all time, which had 11 nominations and won not one being ousted by  Memories of Africa.

We still can not imagine why, especially with the exceptional cast that works on it: Danny Glover, Desire Jackson, Margaret Avery, Adolph Caesar, Rae Dawn Chong … and Whoopi Goldberg and Oprah Winfrey, for which this was his first film.

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Perpetual Chain (1994)good movies which didn't won oscar

We would like to tell you that  Cadena Perpetua presented battle and that  Forrest Gump did not eat it at the Oscars. We would like to tell you that he came out with several awards under his belt, but the Oscars gala is not a fairy tale.

The truth is that neither the charisma of Morgan Freeman nor the chemistry of this with Tim Robbins managed to grajear the sympathy of the jury is one of the most expensive cases of the good film really good that has not achieved any Oscar.

Despite this fiasco, Cadena Perpetua has become a modern reference in the cinema, with lots of sequences that have been parodied, have been a source of tribute in series, movies, and video games. The most recent one that occurs to us, precisely, a certain sequence of the graphic adventure  Randal’s Monday.

The Great Lebowski (1998)good movies which didn't won oscar

The great political satire of the Coen brothers has now become one of the greatest cult films in the history of cinema. Jeff Bridges, John Goodman, and Julianne Moore star in this corrosive film set in the Hollywood of the early 90s, which serves as an x-ray to the American society of the time. And all this as a parody of the detective stories of Raymond Chandler.

To us, and much of the public, they love  The Great Lebowski, however, his incisive script did not make it until the Oscars, staying only in one of the best movies of the 90s. By the way, that has a spin-off in the path. It will be a remake of The Rompepelotas  ( Going Places)  and will star Jesus Quintana (John Turturro) and two other sexual perverts.

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American History X (1998)good movies which didn't won oscar

The criticism against Nazism and the incipient xenophobia in the United States that Edward Norton starred in did not reach the Oscars. While Norton was nominated for best actor for this film,  American History X  was left without tasting the glory of the Academy Awards.

This story of redemption about a former neo-Nazi who tries to prevent his brother from following in his footsteps was one of the most shocking portraits of the phenomenon of his decades. Tony Kaye, its director, demonstrated an enormous sensitivity to address such a complex issue. However,  despite its many virtues and being one of the best movies of recent years, do not believe that this film won many more awards in other circuits.

The club of the fight (1999)good movies which didn't won oscar

The thing about Norton with the Oscars in the 90s is very similar to what happened to David Fincher in that same decade with these awards. Despite having given us brilliant movies, none won a single Oscar in this period. A representative sample of this lack of love with the Academy is  The Fight Club, that emblematic and iconic film.

Edward Norton and Brad Pitt offered us in this film one of the best acting duels of their time. Over time,  the fight club has become a cult title. Maybe this is even better than no Oscar or recognition.

Mars (2015)good movies which didn't won oscar

Ridley Scott has not always been an immaculate director, but on more than one occasion he has been the creator of authentic clunkers. It is not the case of Mars, a very intelligent film of Science Fiction and Drama that nevertheless was a resounding box office and critical success. The audience loved the cast’s work formed by Matt Damon, Jessica Chastain, Kristen Wiig and Sean Bean, among others.

So much so that even the film became one of the best of 2015 according to several media. Despite his seven nominations, this did not prevent him from now having a place in our list of great films that have not won any Oscars.

And here we come, but not without mentioning other good films that deserved to have won an Oscar and were left without any of these awards. We highlight film masterpieces such as  Twelve Men without Mercy  (1957),  Heat  (1995), Seven (1996)  The Wolf of Wall Street  (2013),  Drive  (2011) or even  Nightmare before Christmas  (1993). Surely many of you have in mind so many titles that were at the gates of the Academy. If so, we invite you to mention them below, in our comments section.

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