final fantasy 6 brave new world

The final fantasy 6 brave new world review

On the surface, Final Fantasy 6 (or FF6) is an average game. It has great gameplay and music but lacks a compelling story. However, if you look deeper into the story, you’ll find some interesting characters and themes that make this game worth playing again and again.

This hack aims to improve upon these things by adding a new character, balancing out fights more effectively than before so they’re not too easy or hard (and making them more fun), changing some minor story elements here and there in order to flesh out characters’ motivations better than before without changing anything major about how the overall plot plays out for most people who’ve played through it once already; all while keeping everything as true to vanilla FF6 as possible!

Review of the final fantasy 6 brave new world

final fantasy 6 brave new world

Final Fantasy 6 is a classic RPG that many still consider one of the best in the series. It has an intricate and engaging story, memorable characters, and some of Final Fantasy’s best music. Brave New World is a mod for Final Fantasy 6 that aims to improve on all those things.

What is a hack? Well, simply put it’s a way for people who want to keep playing their favorite games after they’ve been released. Hacks are often used as fan translations or updates to graphics or gameplay mechanics (sometimes both at once). They’re not always legal but there are plenty of options out there for people who want them!

Brave New World was created by Tyrolin Poole (also known as “Tyrolin”) on her YouTube channel TheRPGMinx and published by Supergiant Games LLC . In addition to updating sprites and textures with higher quality versions from other games in the series like Final Fantasy 8 & 10 , it also adds new features like different difficulty levels so you can choose how hard or easy you want your play experience!

Changes in the final fantasy 6 brave new world

The main changes include adding a new character, re-balancing the vanilla game and changing some minor story elements. You can now go to Narshe and see what happened to Locke and Terra’s mother. The difficulty has been changed so that it’s easier to play through on your first time. It also adds new magic, items and equipment; as well as new areas like Figaro Castle or Kohlingen.

The new character is Celes, a former general of the Empire who has been brainwashed and turned against her friends. She joins your party as a replacement for Terra, but she’s more than just a substitute for the blue-haired princess: she’s actually better at being in your party than Terra was.

Celes is better at fighting than Terra and has an interesting story arc that includes helping out Locke and Edgar in their attempt to overthrow the Empire. The fact that Celes is such a strong fighter makes her boring story (she’s basically just fighting against her own brainwashing) more palatable because you can watch her kick ass instead of watching Terra cry about how hard it is for her to learn how to use magic spells responsibly.

You will still feel like you’re playing Final Fantasy 6 even after installing Brave New World because this hack gives you everything else from the original game: all of its characters, locations, music tracks (including those from later games), items… There are also some new areas added into places where they didn’t originally belong; these new locations feature enemies from other games such as Final Fantasy IX

The difficulty level

If you enjoyed the original game, then you will certainly be able to enjoy this one as well. However, it is worth noting that the difficulty has been greatly increased. This is mainly because there are a lot more enemies in this version than in the original one. As such, you will have to be careful when fighting these foes as they often appear in groups and are more powerful than their counterparts from the last edition of Final Fantasy 6 Brave New World. In addition to this, enemy stats have been increased so that they have higher defense and attack levels compared to before. These changes have also led to improved AI for enemies; thus allowing them to make smarter strategic decisions when attacking or defending themselves against your party members’ attacks during combat encounters between both parties involved in battle scenarios during gameplay sessions (which can happen quite frequently).

This patch

To apply the patch to your rom file, you’ll need a few things:

  • A copy of Final Fantasy VI. You can purchase one here, or use an SNES emulator like ZSNES or Snes9x (see below for more information on emulators).
  • A program that can apply patches to rom files. There are many available online; personally I prefer Lunar IPS (available through the link above) because it’s very easy to use.
  • An understanding of how to use the patching tool you’ve chosen!

The Brave New World mod features a new character who becomes available in the game to use. It also boosts the difficulty level of FF6, so you’ll need to be much more strategic in your approach when playing.

The mod’s presentation is improved, too: you get a few new menus and some other minor changes on top of it all.

Other than that, though, there are no other changes made to the core structure of Final Fantasy 6; this is still an experience that will feel very familiar if you’ve played through it before (which I assume most people have).


If you are looking for a new challenge and different perspective on an old game, then this might be the mod for you. If you’re looking for something to improve on your vanilla FF6 experience without changing too much, then this might not be right up your alley.

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