We all love a hoodie and it’s even traditional.

Hoodies have been in the news for the last 15 years or so and not for the right reasons. For a time people who wore these everyday items were suddenly treated with suspicion and warieness. If you combined them with a beanie hat, you were basically looking for real trouble. The reason was there was a series of crimes or even worse, youths gathered in a group, wearing them. They were apparently able to foil the police every time they were used and kept everyone’s identity a secret. In reality these activewear providers were just so popular that everyone had one. Like the punks, the Mods and the Rockers and the Teddy Boys before all of them wore a piece of clothing had caused a furore. Little did they know that hoodies go way back, much further than our generation.

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The thing is, the hoodie top goes right back to our ancient ancestors so it isn’t new at all. At Chedworth Roman villa there is a perfect preserved Mosaic that shows someone wearing a hoodie. It’s clear that this is what the artist intended as the figure represents the God of winter. The Romans living there wanted a Four seasons mosaic. The only trouble is the Roman’s did not have a proper winter God. The local mosaicist went for a local God, Hence there is a hoodie.

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