The Men’s 90s Style Revivals Heading to Your Wardrobe

The 90s is back in fashion and as a decade that saw a huge amount of changes it is not surprising that it also inspired a lot of iconic fashion styles too. Here are some of the 90s fashion styles to look out for if you are wanting to update your wardrobe this season…

Overalls – Worn in the 90s with one strap down, this is something that cropped up once again on the catwalks. Originally stars such as Will Smith rocked this trend, so make sure that you wear with confidence and style if you go for overalls this season!

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Acid Wash Denim – Harking back to the 90s rave scene, acid wash is big news this season, from jackets to jeans this is the denim style of the moment.

Checks – The grunge scene has this style to answer for – one of the most popular and wearable trends to make a comeback, layer with a t-shirt and pair with chunky boots for the perfect winter outfit. Look at these mens Farah Oxford shirts for inspiration.

Snapback Hats – One of the most practical style items to come from the 90s, the snapback hat became popular as the 90s rap scene took the world by storm – worn by some of the days biggest stars such as Tupac and Run DMC, the snapback is one of the must have accessories once again.

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Baggy Trousers- Whether baggy jeans or cargo pants, both are having a huge fashion moment once again as we move away from the skinny jeans and towards cool, comfortable and casual styles.

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