Christmas gifts for athletes

10 perfect Christmas gifts for athletes

We all have in our entourage great athletes, who do not hold in place. What to offer them? Here are 10 Christmas gifts for athletes.

Christmas gifts for athletes

1. A sports bagChristmas gifts for athletes

Today there is a multitude of training bags, and some have a crazy style. Several brands have also designed versatile bags, both useful and trendy. Lolë bags, for example, are used both for the gym and for your urban getaways. They are also great travel bags.

2. Training clothesChristmas gifts for athletes

Before offering any sportswear or sneakers, ask about the type of training and the level of practice of the athlete. By also having in mind his size and his favorite colors, you will be able to offer him the perfect gift. Do not hesitate to seek advice from the staff at the sports shop.

3. An iTunes cardChristmas gifts for athletes

Music is an integral part of training and it motivates for sure. Offer him an iTunes card, which will allow him to create a custom “playlist”. The card will also allow it to download applications to measure its sports performance and monitor its evolution.

4. A workout

Whether or not you are a member of a fitness center, your favorite athlete will be delighted to spend a session with a private trainer. He will be able to correct his deficiencies, highlight his good moves and give him tips to improve his performances while avoiding injuries. Ask other sportsmen around you to find the pearl rare.

5. The yoga mat and the gourdChristmas gifts for athletes

The yoga mat and the water bottle remain essential for athletes. Choose a rug that fits the size of the person. Choose it thick enough to cushion the weight of the body and make comfortable sitting or on the knees. As for the gourd, opt for a lightweight and anti-drip model that transports well. Avoid bottles with BPA, an ingredient considered to be carcinogenic. It will be the best Christmas gifts for athletes.

6. Sport earphonesChristmas gifts for athletes

It is important that your earphones hold in your ears. Choose a wireless model so that it does not interfere with its movements. Opt for headphones that resist sweat and weather, especially if the athlete likes to train outdoors. And since music helps motivation, make sure they have great sound.

7. Accessories of all kinds

Side training accessories, you’re spoiled for choice! These are also great ideas for filling Christmas stockings. Cute socks, elastics, hair bands, hats, toques, and scarves are great gifts.

8. A massage

A therapeutic massage: this is an excellent gift idea that will be more than appreciated by the great sportsman, who constantly pushes the limits of his body. The massage therapist will be able to reduce his stress level, untie the knots and thus help prevent injuries. A moment of pure relaxation!

9. Gadgets and side-by-sideChristmas gifts for athletes

A multitude of gadgets exists on the market to allow the athlete to follow his evolution and his performances. Activity monitors, sports watches and audiometers will help her better understand what is happening in her body during training and pushing her limits.

10. The sports kit

Why not put together a tailor-made sports kit to help her finish her fitness session in style? Find a nice bag and fill it with deodorant, shower gel, and other small finds. He will have everything he needs for the shower at hand.