activated charcoal for teeth whitening

How effective is activated charcoal for teeth whitening

Activated charcoal, thanks to its abrasive properties, well cleans plaque, which is formed due to food debris, dyes, coffee, tea, as well as smoking. The enamel becomes noticeably lighter. But do not expect that its natural color will turn white, as after professional cleaning. It is also possible that some parts of the enamel will remain the same since it is not possible to reach all with activated charcoal and brushes. Most often this is the interdental space and the zone around the gums.

The disadvantage of activated charcoal as a bleaching enamel is that it clogs the gums, injuring them. To clean it without a trace is difficult and long. To ruin the enamel cannot be so much bleaching as the subsequent efforts to remove the black powder from the visibility zone. A simple mouthwash is not enough.

Simple methods of teeth whitening with activated charcoal

There are several techniques for the use of activated charcoal as an enamel brightening agent. You should find out the best charcoal teeth whitening method for you.

They are safer to use depending on the degree of sensitivity:

  • Crush 1 tablet of activated charcoal into powder, add the same amount of toothpaste, mix. The resulting composition brush your teeth;
  • 1 dose of activated charcoal mash, pour a few drops of water to get gruel. The agent is used as a cleaning powder, dip a damp toothbrush into it;
  • Pound the tablet and put a finger on the enamel, hold for 5-10 minutes. While the remedy is on the surface of the teeth, you can rub them with wet gauze;
  • To chew dry dose of activated charcoal for 5 minutes;
  • Mix in the same amount of black powder and baking soda.
  • Distribute the mixture over the surface of the teeth, protecting the gums from it. Keep this mixture cannot last longer than 7 minutes. If the enamel is naturally sensitive, this way of bleaching should be avoided.

When using any of the recipes, it is necessary to knead the activated charcoal in such a way that there are no large pieces that can damage the teeth. The brush for the procedure is best taken soft, it does not injure the tissue. Read moreĀ

Move it while cleaning should be in the vertical direction. Upon completion of the procedure, the mouth should be thoroughly rinsed. To get rid of the residues of activated charcoal, you can walk a wet and clean brush on the surfaces. After teeth whitening in this way, it is not necessary to gnaw seeds, nuts, eat solid food. For some time, the enamel can feel sour, sweet, cold and hot.

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