exercises to lose weight

Top 5 exercises to lose weight in summer

Discover the activities that will allow you to exercises to lose weight this holiday while having fun.

Although it seems impossible to lose weight during the holidays, it is easier than during the rest of the year, despite beers at the beach bar and snacks that go on until lunchtime.

The good weather invites us to be more on the street and to practice sports with which to burn easily and without hardly realizing the calories that we have accumulated during the winter. Continue Reading- The Keto diet: what you can eat and what you can not

This is the top 5  exercises to lose weight  in summer:

1.Bicycleexercises to lose weight

Bicycles are for summer. Shakira sang it a couple of seasons ago. Plan a couple of routes a week and sweat the shirt without giving you barely notice while enjoying a nice walk through nature. It is the best exercises to lose weight.

2.Swimmingexercises to lose weight

In summer to go to the pool almost mandatory. Take the time to do a few lengths. This aerobic exercise is one of the best since it will help you to tone practically all the parts of your body.

3.Volleyballexercises to lose weight

Nothing to be on the beach lying like a lizard. Take advantage of your getaway to the beach to move. Volleyball is one of the best activities you can bet on. Get strong legs and glutes while having fun as a team! With each match, you can burn up to 250 calories. It is the best exercises to lose weight.

4.Surfexercises to lose weight

If you are a lover of the sea, sign up for surf lessons this summer. This sport combines aerobic work with toning since when paddling against the waves, cardiorespiratory functioning is improved and calories are burned while working on the muscles of the arms and back.

5.Skatingexercises to lose weight

Looking to tone the lower part of your body? Skating is without a doubt your best option. Roller skating will allow you to lose between 500 calories per hour while working your legs, buttocks, and hips.

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