The Importance of Trust in the Healthcare Profession

There is a serious lack of trust in the healthcare profession and this lack of trust is at the root of much of the problem in the healthcare system. Healthcare workers are not held to the same standards as doctors and nurses and because of this, a tremendous amount of variety in care occurs. The medical community needs to take a closer look at the number of mistakes that are tolerated in order to fix the problems with trust in the profession.

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A mistake in the standard of care would be one thing, but what about a doctor making a mistake while diagnosing a patient? Or what about a nurse making a mistake while treating a patient? The bottom line is that all medical professionals are human and mistakes do happen, however the importance of trust in the medical profession must be taken very seriously. If patients were to receive bad medicine or if they received medicine that was not intended for them, then it would be the fault of the medical professional alone. This means that all doctors and nurses are responsible for their actions. For this reason, Medical Indemnity Insurance is paramount. Find out more at MPRS

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The first thing that any patient who walks into an emergency room wants to know is: Will I be treated with care? and “Will my medication be appropriate for me?” These are things that a patient has the right to know and the duty of the medical professional to provide. Without good faith and confidence in one’s skill as a doctor or nurse, there can be a breakdown in patient care.

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