Garden Maintenance Jobs in Early Spring

Fences often can become damaged by the bad weather, so take care to inspect your fence for any signs that it may be damaged. Replacing it and repairing it now will be easier and cheaper than having to do it if it has blown down or been further damaged. Hedges too may ned to be cut back before the main growing season in spring and summer.

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Make sure that all of the equipment that you use in the garden is in good working order. Machinery like lawnmowers and trailers should be looked after well, and this is a good time to check that all is working well. You can then replace the parts that are broken or damaged rather than buying a whole new machine, by ordering things such as these trailer parts

When it comes to tools, make sure that they are fit for the job, you can sharpen blades of things like shears yourself or get a professional to do it for you.

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There are many things to clean in the garden at this time of year. If you have decking or patios this can be cleaned with a pressure washer to get all the winter muck off. You can also clean out all the plant pots that you want to use this year.

If you have bird nesting boxes, give them a wipe around with just warm water – NO CHEMICAL CLEANERS. Birds will be looking for places to build their nests soon.

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