How to maintain your garage door

Garages are spaces that many of us use either for storing our cars or, more often than not, somewhere to store your garden furniture, lawn mower and bikes and other equipment. In most cases they are buildings that are built in a single skin which means that they do not have any internal walls that provide insulation to keep the space warm and damp free.

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There are ways in which you can keep this space environmentally secure and the garage door is key to this.

In order to check the door functionality and to make sure that no repairs are needed you should ensure that the space is clean and tidy, especially around the door mechanism. If you notice that your door is not working as effectively as it could you should contact a Garage Doors Swindon company to come in and assess the problem. Up and Over Garage Doors Swindon company can help with repairs to existing doors or the installation of a brand new door.

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The key areas that you need to be checking on your garage door are:

  • Hinge mechanism – if you have a manual door you should check the hinge mechanism. In some cases you might need to just add some oil to the hinges to help them run smoothly.
  • Lock – one of the most important aspects of a garage door is that it locks. Again in some cases the locking mechanism might just need to be greased to help it function.
  • Electronics – if your garage door is electronic you will want to make sure that this is all functioning as it should do

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