Options for adding space to your home

If you are at a point where you need more space in your home and living conditions, there are several options that you can look at. The most common thing to do is to look for a larger home, but in this day and age of rising house prices and volatility in the mortgage market, is it time to go through that process? Not only that, there is the whole process of applying for a mortgage again and going through the entire rigmarole of credit scores, payslips requested, and the general “toing and froing” that goes on when moving home. We’ve not even mentioned that you need to find a suitable place in an area that is acceptable. There is nothing but hassle and upheaval for months.

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If you are happy with the house you have and the area you live in, why not simply extend. This is one of the best ways to expand the home without moving. Building Contractors Bristol way like https://www.mogfordprescott.co.uk/builders-bristol/ can quickly provide you with more space whilst providing a relatively quicker way of getting what you need.

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There is the matter of getting planning permission, and you will need an architect to design the new living space. You’ll have to make sure to build on the property site. This means some legal work but nothing as expensive or time-consuming as if you were moving home.

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