Bringing the Natural World into Your Home

Something that many of us are probably hankering to do after the couple of years we have just had is to get out and about and enjoy life further afield once again. But during the past two years, our homes have supported us and come under a lot of strain in the process! From home schooling to the whole family eating there every single night for months on end, this has taken a toll on the home!

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So as well as getting back out there and enjoying life in 2022, spending a little time on our homes is also a good idea!

As we many of us have a new appreciation of the natural world, something that has supported us throughout periods of isolation, the natural world is making its influence known on our styles in our homes.

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Having the influence of the natural world inside creates a calming atmosphere and a beautiful and homely space. Starting with colours, we are seeing a shift from the grey neutrals towards more earthy and warm colours.

Flooring is another thing to look at – if you want that natural looking flooring that is also robust and can stand up to the stresses and strains of family life, laminate wood flooring is ideal – somewhere like Irwin tiles for laminate flooring will provide the right flooring for you.

Natural  materials also make the home feel comfortable and homely – wicker and wooden furniture is quickly becoming centre stage and this also has the benefit of being much better for the environment and easier to recycle.

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