Tips for installing outdoor tiles

Are you considering laying an attractive tiled area leading up to your front door or in the garden area? If so, you’ll find the process not too dissimilar to indoor tiling but there are some differences to consider. Outdoor tiles are more exposed to the elements, so here are some useful tips:

Picking the correct tiles – Be confident that you are choosing tiles suitable for outdoor use. These tiles will be tougher and more resistant to the elements. To make your tiled display last, make sure you are picking the best for the job. For an exciting range of Marble Tiles, visit

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Preparation – Tiling outside will require a little more preparation than tiling an interior. The area where the tiles will be laid must be thoroughly cleaned and undamaged. Concrete should be uncracked and smooth, so this might need redoing before tiles are laid.

Keep an eye on the weather – Never complete your tiling in the rain! Inclement weather could ruin your job. You could erect a shelter to work under but if not, wait for a pleasant day before starting your project.

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Proper sealing and covering – You will need to be patient and let the tiles set properly. This is important as exterior tiles are subject to more of a battering than interior ones. A sealant coat might be necessary over the grout and then the tiled area should be well covered and left to set until has completely hardened.

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