The Silver: The Color of speed and coldness

What we were already warning for some time, so this day is not so hard … we’re done with the colors. Today, after speaking of silver, give more or less completed our cycle of color psychology. But that, much less is reason to be sad, because as we are a real specialists in color, we need to expand our knowledge to combine them, or create original colors ranges.

DesignThe study of each of the colors separately, the psychology of them, what they represent and transmit, is only the first step in the study of color. If individually we know very well, but we know how to combine them with each other and the environment, we will be leaving us only a small part of what we can achieve with them. We will not be using all its power. And we know full well how the work combinations in the color wheel, so soon we will take a step further.

But we not anticipate events, which we still have to talk about silver and its hidden secrets!

To begin, we must recognize that all colors, silver is the last in which we think. Very few people give it in her favorite colors and for most is virtually imperceptible in its list of colors. This occurs because for much of the population silver is something “wrong” what you get when you do not reach the gold. It is always second, making it very difficult for us to do with positive qualities, but it is always compared to gold. In fact, it is very difficult to find chromatic chords where it is the main color, but it appears always supporting others.
In this way, we will study it!

Speed ​​color

Whether any feature we can assimilate the silver color, it is definitely with speed. No one doubts that the fast is silver. Although there are now a multitude of colors in racing cars, in the beginning was the silver color. Silver also think when we imagine a rocket or a locomotive.

But even if the number one speed, and color, we have often relegated to a second position, always behind the gold . However it should not be. As metal is the most used on earth and not only in jewelry and toolmaking (reaching only 15%), but much is l leads photochemical and electrical industry.

The Color of Money (bad)

As a curiosity we can say that money does not always contain gold, but gold always contains silver. Approximately 20% of silver is obtained as a byproduct in obtaining gold.

So its union with the gold makes it one of the colors of luxury and solemnity. The golden color symbolizes the ideal value and the material silver color. The gold and silver treasures is paid, so silver has a price and not a symbolic value.

The female silver

Gold and silver are paired as do the moon and the sun or the man and woman. The moon is in almost all languages ​​a word of feminine gender, and very “attached” to women since the lunar cilium It equals the menstrual cycle.
It is also closely related to the blue, and as we saw, is the quintessential feminine color. If we put some color to their silver silvery moon it is blue and at night. The night is silvery, almost magical.
The distant and cold silver

However, if we have to think of a feature that will intrinsically linked to silver, that is the distance and coldness. And only compared with gold, we see that the sun is warm and the distant near and cold silver. The silver color is closer to white and blue , the chord passivity. Snow has shades and silver highlights, so it is the winter color, and frozen items are in majority in foil so it is the color of the cold.

The cold is present in the symbolism of colors in different dimensions. The silver color is introverted and always keeps the distances, so figure in the chord pink , white and silver is the chord of courtesy that is in turn form cooler of affection.

The color of the intellect and clarity

However, not everything is negative with silver. In Spanish there is a popular saying that goes something like “the enemy fleeing silver bridge”, let’s put all the facilities at our enemy so he leaves, the way. And it is said that silver band on the horizon announces better and glowing times. It is the color of hope and optimism.
Silver is associated with a clear mind and the best qualities of intellectual work. In this case it is associated with these qualities better than gold because this is more arrogant and silver speaks of discretion.

It is also the color of the modern. If we think of silver, in addition to the material, we also think of aluminum, chromium, nickel … widely used in modern design materials, is an actual smell.

The silver colored fashion

As we saw in the case of gold, when someone wears this color, it’s hard not to convey opulence. But in the case of silver will not cure well. A silver suit, passes unnoticed, it is more original and extravagant.

Gold implies its own value, but silver occupies a subordinate position, emphasizing more the personality of whoever chooses.

The silver design

Up to this point we had not talked about the comparison with the gray . Not that they are comparable with each other, each different qualities arouses prior, but the reality is that they have some similarities. “Roughly” We could say that we lose with silver gray negative qualities referred to old age the same. Silver is friendly tribute age.

Also it is happening in the advertising in which we often see as an attenuation silver gray. When we talk about the gray, named certain logos with silver shades in that color, but now, after studying the silver we think is good to remember.

Either way if there is a sector where the silver appears mostly logos, is the automotive industry. As we have discussed, it is a color very close to the speed and in his early racing cars were this color. It is also present in some brands of jewelry, which even if not present in the official logo, if you have other versions with this color.

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