Give your wedding the star treatment

Many prospective brides and grooms long to have a wedding like those that are splashed across the pages of celebrity magazines, but can this really be achieved when real-life budgets come into play?

Give your wedding the star treatment

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The all-important dress

According to statistics brides spend an average of just over a £1000 on their wedding dress, making it one of the biggest single expenditures on the day. A bride’s choice of dress is often the focal point for the overall theme of the wedding day. But whether a bride goes vintage or modern, traditional white or contemporary blush it is easy to find designs inspired by expensive celebrity gowns.

Make your guests feel special

A key factor of many high-profile weddings is that the guests are made to feel just as special as the couple themselves. It might be personalised cocktails, a red carpet complete with ‘paparazzi’ or even some pre-ceremony entertainment – all of these will give the wedding a certain celebrity edge. In terms of keeping costs down, whether you are seeking a wedding photographer in Hampshire or a cocktail maker in Cumbria you are bound to find a price that is right for you.

A ‘destination’ wedding?

More and more couples are choosing to follow in the footsteps of celebrities and wed abroad, but how can a ‘destination’ wedding be achieved for a fraction of the cost? The real excitement of a destination wedding is the feeling of travelling somewhere new. But rather than forking out thousands to transport your guests abroad, why not aim to make the transition from ceremony to reception something special? A vintage bus journey, horse-drawn carriages, limousines or even a tractor ride – you can easily choose something to fit in with your theme, making guests feel like they are arriving at a destination without the extortionate costs.

Keep it creative

You might choose to have an Oscars-style ceremony during the reception, a professional photo shoot for the guests provided by experts such as or celebrity magazine style place cards on the tables – it is little creative touches such as these that can give your wedding a sprinkle of stardust.

So by simply taking hints and ideas from the nuptials of the stars, you too can feel like a celebrity on your big day.

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