Top 5 Engagement Photo Tips for Couples

When taking your engagement photos, every couple wants to look and feel their very best so that they come away from the session with authentic, beautiful photos that capture the love and joy they are experiencing. This is a great way to share the excitement with family and friends and announce your wedding plans! In order to have the best wedding photo results, follow these 5 engagement photo tips for couples.

Be comfortable. The most important tip for getting great engagement photos is to feel good. Wear clothes that you feel confident wearing and that also are comfortable to wear and move around in. Choose colors that bring you’re your natural features and compliment on another while flattering your body type. When you are uncomfortable or under-confident you are more likely to be agitated and often your negative emotions will come through into the pictures.

Top 5 Engagement Photo Tips for Couples

Feel good, and you will naturally look great because you will be in a great mood.
Act natural for the camera. In addition to feeling good, you should also work on forgetting that the camera is even there. When you are overly focused on the camera, you may seem forced or unnatural in the pictures. Try to enjoy being with your finance and enjoying the experience together. Laugh, talk, kiss, walk and let the photo process be natural so that the photographer can capture real, genuine, priceless moments between you and your loved one.

Consider the location of the shoot ahead of time. Determine what kind of feel you’d like for your photos to have. The scenery should be a reflection of your personalities and the places you love the most. This could be by the ocean, in the woods, near a barn, in a city, or a wide variety of other locations depending on your personal preferences and styles. Consider locations that are special to the two of you, such as the coffee shop where you met or the restaurant where you had your first date.

Incorporate hobbies or the things you love into your photos. If you have a pet, maybe bring your dog to the shoot and incorporate your furry friend into some of the shots. Do you love playing tennis together? If so, bring in some props like tennis rackets to make your pictures unique and special.

Style hair and makeup ahead of time so that you know what you want on the day of the shoot. Men are low maintenance, but they should decide upon facial hair and if they will want to get a hair cut before the photo shoot day. Women should keep the hairstyle simple, classic and elegant for an easy to do, timeless look. Keep the makeup light, and natural so emphasize your best features.

As a newly engaged couple, your engagement photo shoot will mark the beginning of many more exciting, memorable days. Planning ahead and making unique, taste-specific photo shoot choices will help to make the experience your own. Be sure to look and feel a day of bliss wedding photography pictures that you will love looking back on year after year.

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