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The 10 best cheap fitness bracelet (2018): intelligent activity monitors drawn on price

Do you want to know what are the best cheap fitness bracelet? Do you need a good quantifying bracelet that does not cost too much? If you are looking for a bracelet of cheap activity in 2018 and that has all the necessary features to control your sports activity, calories or sleep, you are lucky, there are a few smart wristbands that are not very expensive and work really well. We are going to value them and give you a few opinions.

Many times these activity monitors have functions that we will not use, especially those that have a higher price, so it will not be necessary for us to spend a lot of money to find just what we need.

How much do these the fitness bracelet cost?

All the fitness wristbands that we are going to see have a price that is around 70 euros. Some even cost only 30 euros. A bargain full-fledged that cannot miss on your wrist. Forget about smartwatches and use a good fitness bracelet.

The 10 best cheap fitness bracelet (2018)? Good, beautiful and cheap

1. Misfit Flashfitness bracelet

This bracelet is able to control your steps and sleep, you can take it anywhere thanks to the fact that you can remove the strap and leave it practically as a key ring and you can register the activity of sports such as cycling or swimming. The battery lasts about 6 months and synchronizes with an application provided by the company. It is made of plastic.

2. Jawbone UP MOVEfitness bracelet

The new Jawbone activity meter is one of the cheapest. It has an accelerometer for the step record and the like and has sleep tracking. We are going to find a wide range of colors with different closures and straps. Use the excellent Jawbone app, one of its great attractions. Keep reading- Advantages of using a magnetic board

3. Fitbit Zipfitness bracelet

Fitbit low-end is still as useful as its more expensive bracelets. It does not control sleep or elevation, but it keeps measuring steps, distance, and calories. It synchronizes with the Fitbit application and its excellent software, one of its great strengths.

4. Tomtom Touch Cardiofitness bracelet

One of the most innovative fitness bracelets of all. Pressing the top button will start a scan of your body fat to calculate the correct proportion of fat you should have in your body. It has a heart rate monitor and a step counter along with a sports mode to combine workouts. It has a good OLED touchscreen, but the battery life is not very good. The app is worse than Fitbit’s.

5. Misfit Rayfitness bracelet

One of the fitness bracelets with the best design of all: you have many colors available, but the price varies a lot. It is made of aluminum with LED lights on its top. It has a smart button to control its functions. You can put it in the water (50 meters) and user replaceable batteries that last 6 months (three button batteries). Includes alarms, step counter, message alert, sleep control etc.

6. Xiaomi Mi Band 2fitness bracelet

One of the latest fitness bracelets to come into our lives and one of the best feeling is causing by its characteristics and its low price. The battery life is very good, more than 15 days, you can put it in the water, control steps and sleep and your iOS and Android app improves day by day. It has a screen to control the main statistics, controls the pulse and has a running mode with GPS (linked to the mobile).

6.1. Xiaomi Mi Band 3fitness bracelet

It has a new convex and larger screen with an OLED panel of 0.78 inches. The interactive touch screen can show application updates or caller ID. It also has a heart rate counter, steps and can control sleep.

The Xiaomi Mi Band 3 is water resistant up to 50 meters and there is a variant with NFC for mobile payments. The duration of the battery is 20 days. It is available in several colors: orange, black and blue. In September of 2018, they update the screen language to Spanish.

7. Jawbone UP2 or Jawbone UP3fitness bracelet

The price has gone down so much, that it has to be recommended. It’s a very simple fitness bracelet but with everything you need: precise step tracking, calories, sleep monitoring and a great ecosystem of applications. The UP2 version is below 40 euros, the most modern version, the UP3, costs about 60 euros.

8. Moov nowfitness bracelet

A curious design for a model that has enhanced the original fitness bracelet. Moov Now is designed to be worn on the wrist or ankle and comes with two straps. He is able to record many types of activities. and has a 9-axis sensor that can capture any type of movement you make. It has a personal trainer by voice and the battery life is up to 6 months (button battery). The level of detail in their statistics is very good.

9. Fitbit Flex 2fitness bracelet

A very low price for a great Fitbit activity wristband. Flex 2 will count your steps, distance, and calorie burning. You can also track sleep and even detect the type of exercise automatically. Everything is synchronized wirelessly with the application on your smartphone and offers interesting statistics. The Fitbit Flex 2 is waterproof and uses LED lights and vibrations to notify you of calls and messages. The battery lasts about five days.

10. Garmin Vivofit 3 or Vivofit 4fitness bracelet

Spectacular battery life of 1 year. It is water resistant and measures steps, calories, distance, intensity and controls sleep- Connects to Garmin Connect. The screen is something small and the design is something … ugly … but it works great and your data is very accurate. The Garmin app is one of the best on the market.

What is the difference with the Vivofit 4? They have added a color prop that can be seen in broad daylight … and the bracelet is still a year-long d battery Spectacular!


The two best models of this selection? No doubt the Garmin Vivofit 3 or 4 and the Fitbit Flex 2, but they are also the most expensive, more than 50 euros. Both Fitbit and Garmin are two companies with a long history in this sector, and both their smart wristbands and their apps for smartphones are perfect.

And for the quality price? No doubt the Xiaomi Mi Band 2  or the Xiaomi Mi Band 3. This Chinese manufacturer has stuck very strong with its Mi Band bracelet in recent years for a good reason: it combines a very low price with exceptional performance. Your app is not as polished, but the bracelet works perfectly.

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