A Guide to a Day at the Races for First Timers

A day at the races is something that many people all over the country enjoy – and something that we are looking forward to getting back to in the near future once the coronavirus pandemic has ended and we can all go back to enjoying sporting events!

If it has always been something that you would like to do but have never yet been, here is a brief guide to what a day at the races is like…

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The first thing to remember is that though it can look posh or is seen as something that upper class people do, there are lots of people there and the main thing is everyone is there to have a good time. When it comes to outfits unless you are in a box and you don’t really plan to venture out of it, then it is best to dress warmly and wear sensible footwear if you want to get up close to the action.

If you like a bit of a flutter, get a race card when you arrive – this has a lot of information about the horses and jockeys that will be participating in each race, and will give you a bit of background that may help you when it comes to placing your bets.

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There are also lots of people to ask if you need something – there are stewards and bar staff who are all helpful, and if you need medical assistance, there are always event medical cover staff such as Outdoor medical solutions (OMS) who will be able to assist you.

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