Burn Butt Fat

7 Exercises To Burn Butt Fat and Leave It Harder

The 7 Butt Fat Burning Exercises can be done in the comfort of your home as they are very simple to make. In addition, Butt Fat is often the nightmare of many women. Have you heard of “banana”? We are talking about that fat under the butt, difficult to eliminate. But nothing that a good deal of discipline, with regular exercise and proper nutrition do not solve.

Talk to a specialist and include the  7 Exercises To Burn Butt Fat and Leave It Harder

1.Make the Bridge: Burn Butt Fat

The bridge also tones and sculpts the butt. Lie on your back on a mat, feet on the floor and aligned at the hips. Then lift your bottom – without moving your head, neck, and shoulders.

Flex the core muscles of the body and keep the knees and pectoral in a straight line.

Stay like this for three seconds and then lower yourself.

Repeat the exercise ten times.

Lift your right foot five times, without flexing your left leg, to intensify the exercise.

Then change the limbs and repeat.

2.Three Extended Knee Braces: Burn Butt Fat

A great choice, especially when the goal is for all lower limb muscles to be worked. In this exercise, besides the buttock, there is great activation of the posterior muscles of the thigh, because the extended knee provides this condition.

“The gluteus is also an external hip rotator, and with this movement conjugated to the extension of the hip, the gluteus is also an external rotator of the hip. , we were able to take the muscle to tiredness by varying the stimuli. ”

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3.Do the Leg Raise:Burn Butt Fat

This exercise to burn butt fat is also great for after a squat (normal or arabesque). Stand to face a raised, stable surface such as a counter, chair, or table. Lean forward while lifting your right leg.

Bend the left knee slightly, contract the abdomen and straighten the hips to prepare for the movement.

Lift your right leg as far as you can without moving your hips.

Push the right leg slightly up and down (in sequence).

Repeat the movement 30 times with each leg.

Stand on the chair or counter when lowering.

4.Make the Bottom Normal:Burn Butt Fat

The bottom tones the front and back of the legs, as well as the buttocks and hips. Stand with your feet parallel to your shoulders. Throw one leg forward at 60-90 cm and flex both knees at once. At this point, lower the knee of the back leg, leaving the front one aligned to the ankle.

Stop for two seconds or make two quick pulses and return to the starting position.

Repeat the exercise for 30 seconds, rest and repeat with the other leg.

5.Do the Basic Squat:Burn Butt Fat

Squatting is the most basic exercise to Burn Butt Fat. Stand with your feet at your hips and throw your weight on your heels. Lower yourself down, as if to sit, and return to the starting position.

Do three sets of ten repetitions.

Do the squat five days a week to optimize the results.

The results can take 4-5 weeks of consistent training to appear.

6.Do the Side Squat:

The lateral squat firm the inner and outer parts of the thigh. Stand with your feet parallel to your shoulders. Take a step to the right and flex the knee of that leg without bending the other.

Stop when you are at the lowest possible height, and then return to the starting position.

Repeat for 30 seconds, rest and change legs.

Align the knee flexed to the ankle when lowering.

7.Do the Arabian Squatting:

Burn Butt Fat

To do this exercise to burn Butt Fat, you have to steady your butt and hamstrings to lift your hips. Lower yourself and, returning to the starting position, lift one leg back and bring your hands forward.

Transfer all body weight to the other leg and use it to balance.

Lower your leg and return to normal squatting.

Repeat the exercise 15 times on each side.

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