Celebrity Wedding Day Blunders – Dress Disasters

Your wedding day is your real chance to shine and be the centre of attention for all the right reasons, so it is really important to take time choosing the perfect dress. We all love to look to pictures of celebrity weddings for inspiration for the ideal style, and of course it’s not just the bride herself who is on show. The celebrity Mother of the Bride will be anxious to get it right too.

Celebrity Wedding Day Blunders

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According to the BBC, almost a quarter of a million couples tie the knot in the UK each year. That’s a lot of outfits to get right.

Famous Celebrity Gaffes

Even the beautiful people don’t always get it right, and there have been some real blunders when it comes to celebrity wedding dresses, as reported by the Daily Mail.

When Katie Price married Peter Andre in 2005, she was obscured by a truly awful puffy pink dress which won the dubious title of worst celebrity wedding dress of all time.

Nicole Ritchie is normally known for being right at the heart of all things stylish. But her overly puffy wedding dress was a real fashion mistake.

The Emmanuel dress that the late Princess Diana wore at her wedding has to be one of the most famous of all time. But these days, most people agree that it was simply too over the top due to its excessive 25-foot train.

How to Get Your Outfit Right

If you are either a bride to be or the mother of the bride, there is lots of brilliant guidance available, such as that at Styleandthebride. The bride is the undisputed focus of the day, but the overall look can be greatly complemented by important guests, such as the mother of the bride. The most important consideration when choosing an outfit for the mother of the bride is that she should look elegant and understated, without being too over the top. It is also vital to make sure that your outfit enhances the general theme chosen by the happy couple.

Take time to plan your wedding day outfit carefully, whatever your role in the proceedings. This will really help your day to go off without a hitch and help you to create some lasting memories that you will cherish forever.


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