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The Mark of Beauty?

Moles were once known as beauty marks and were very fashionable, but these days mole removal in London is a rising trend. For some celebrities, however, their moles convey a certain glamour and mystique. Would any of them look so unique without this mark of individuality?

Mark of Beauty

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Proud Mole Bearers

One of the most famous mole bearers ever, Cindy Crawford achieved supermodel status despite – and indeed perhaps because of – the distinctive nevus. Early in her career she was advised to have it removed, but her mother, wisely, convinced her to leave well alone. An almost identical mole to Ms Crawford’s, Goldie Hawn’s mole brings a little strength and character to her otherwise doll-like, almost too girly face.

A mole on her cheek did not stop Eva Mendes from capturing the attention of the divine Ryan Gosling. In fact, girls with moles seem to be a fetish of his – he previously dated Rachel McAdams, who also sports a rather adorable little mole on her chin, while ‘Twin Peaks’ star Sherilyn Fenn’s mole acts like a form of punctuation for her amazing blue eyes and fabulous brows.

Arguably the sexiest woman ever, Marilyn Monroe displayed a delicate beauty mark on her cheek which acted as a cheerleader for facial moles. However, if you look carefully at ‘Some Like It Hot’, the original mole has been carefully covered and a new one drawn in on her chin! Elizabeth Taylor similarly flew the beauty mark flag from the fifties.

Famous Mole Removals

However, moles are not flattering on everyone. There are also, of course, some stars who fly the flag for the opposite side of the argument – Lemmy of Motorhead being one and Rod Stewart another. If you have a mole you dislike or which is causing you discomfort of distress, the mole removal London clinic The London Cosmetic Clinic can help you to understand your options for removal. Enrique Iglesias famously had his mole removed, apparently due to health concerns, but many of his adoring fans were very disappointed by its disappearance. ‘Sex & the City’ star Sarah Jessica Parker was also easily identifiable by her mole, but controversially chose to have it removed nonetheless.

When making a decision to keep or remove a mole, however, it’s best to remember that you are not a celebrity!

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