Enjoying a good game of poker with friends

Living in one of Gloucestershire Park Homes like the ones you can find at http://www.parkhomelife.com/park_orchardtwigworth.aspx brings about a whole world of possibilities for people to engage with one another in a lovely community style setting. Many people build up lifelong friendships and you can often find people enjoying some popular past times together. One such example is a good game of poker with friends with a glass of wine or a beer or two.

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Poker is probably one of the most popular adult card games in the world and is played in a variety of formats from the traditional sit around a table with a group of friend’s games, to playing on one of the many online platforms available. It is a card game that is thought to have been around for over 200 years and contrary to popular belief it is not a game of luck, there is actually an element of skill involved in the game. It is a game that once you master the concept of you will be playing for many years to come.

Here is some interesting information about the world of poker.

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  • It is thought that poker is a game that evolved out of dominoes back in around 969 AD. Back then it has been reported that Emperor Mu-Tsung played a game of dominoes with his wife using cards and ranked the combinations that came out. The concept of bluffing was as important to this early form of the game as it is today. The modern game of poker was developed in New Orleans, America.
  • The early games of poker were played using cards and gold nuggets or coins. As gold nuggets and early coins were not a uniform size and weight it was difficult to make the betting and rewards a standardised amount. The Saloons and other gaming venues realised the need to create a standardised item and thus the poker ships were created. These were first made of ivory and other bone items and also clay and wood before plastic became common place.
  • The first ever world series of Poker was played in Las Vegas in 1973 and was broadcast on television. These tournaments bring about large sums of money and it thought to be the most lucrative sport for winners in the world with the awards being in the millions of dollars.
  • There was once a poker game that lasted a total of eight and a half years. This was played in Arizona in The Bird Cage Theatre and is thought to have begun in 1881 with the minimum buy in amount being $1000.

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