How to Fit Showers in Awkward Spaces

There is no doubt that some bathrooms are easier to fit out than others, but even the smallest space can become functional and stylish. Fortunately, fitting a shower in an awkward space, for example, has never been simpler thanks to a range of innovative and inspirational design ideas.

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Assess the Space

When thinking about installing a shower in a tricky area, first assess what type of space there is to work with. You might want to make use of every inch of space with a quadrant shower enclosure with a space-saving sliding door. This can prevent unused corners from standing empty and make sure that every part of your room is serving a purpose.

If you would prefer a shower with more traditional opening doors, it is important to think about which way you want the door to open. Is there a furniture obstacle to consider when thinking where you’re going to place the door and your 12mm shower glass panels, or is it likely to clash with the main door into the room? If space is an issue, you could think about a bi-folding door. Considering these factors can prevent costly mistakes and make sure that you end up with the most attractive, practical and usable space possible.

Wet Room Solution

Another great space-saving idea is a pivot shower, where a swivel hinge mechanism sits between the door and frame and allows you total access without needing lots of room for the door. Alternatively, consider transforming your whole bathroom into a wet room and simply installing shower glass panels from a supplier such as if you want to section off an area. You could even consider placing your shower right in the middle of your room, as described at, if you fancy a futuristic look.

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Wet rooms can be a really clever method of turn awkward spaces into usable showering areas. You can really make the most of the area you have available, and they can become an impressive design feature and focal point.

Add to this the fact that they are incredibly easy to keep clean and are really accessible, and you might end up wondering how you lived for so long without one. You can forget about mopping up spills on your vinyl or worrying about splashes up the walls.

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