Top Tips for Maintaining Your Windows and Doors

Maintaining and regularly cleaning your doors and windows is essential if you want to avoid expensive and unnecessary repairs and patch-ups at a later date. Below we share a number of tricks to keep yours at tip-top condition all year round.

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Wood Frames

These frames need more maintenance than other forms of frame, so it’s important to inspect them on a regular basis. If cracks appear, then moisture and water can enter, causing the frame to rot.

Aluminium Frames

A lot easier to maintain, these types of doors and window frames require little more than a good old wipe-down a couple of times a year. This will keep them free from dirt and salt, which could cause corrosion problems in the long term.

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Make sure the rubber seals around the windows remain intact. A quick wipe-down with a silicone-friendly product should do the trick. Make sure to replace them if they’ve dried out and cracked.


Ensure that all locks and hinges are in working order. This may mean lubricating them from time to time to reduce the chances of rust build-up and to keep them moving freely. The Building and Construction Authority in Singapore recommends doing this at least once every six months.

Clean Windows

It sounds obvious, but giving the windows a wash every few months can maintain their appearance and visibility. suggests you clean your Dublin windows and doors with a damp cloth without any bleaches or detergents.

Exterior Frames

Don’t neglect the outside areas. The exterior frames and sills can attract a build-up of dirt as time passes on. Insects can also cause unseen destruction, so it’s good practice to give them a good wash at least two times a year.

Don’t Overlook a Problem

Problems can often start off small and, if not treated immediately, can escalate into something larger. A faulty seal, for example, can result in condensation, which if left unchecked can damage your window and reduce its energy-efficiency.

With little effort just a couple of times a year you can keep on top of the maintenance required to keep your doors and windows working properly. Neglect them and you might just see a small problem turn into something a lot more expensive to repair later on.

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