Five of the best SEO tools

You put a lot of work into branding your business and developing a web presence, so you need to put the effort into making sure the right people can find you online.

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This is where SEO comes into play as it entails using keywords to make your website easier to find.

If you worked with a professional web development company in London, there is a good chance they took care of your SEO, but if you want to check how your site is doing over time, there are several great tools you can use.

Best SEO keyword analytics tool

When tuning SEO for your website, you will naturally be focusing on the keywords you are using.

A tool like KW Finder can be invaluable. KW Finder analyses the keywords on your site and shows you the volume of searches performed on that keyword per month, giving you a much better idea of which keywords to focus your efforts on.

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Best page rank checking tool

The whole point of using SEO is to drive traffic to your site by making it more findable through search engines. This is generally represented by page rank, which represents where your page will show up on a Google search. To get an expert opinion on this a SEO Belfast company found sites such as can point you in the right direction.

When you search, however, results are skewed by your previous search history, so a tool like FatRank lets you quickly and easily check what your pagerank is in a more absolute sense.

Best website health check tool

Social media is incredibly important in driving web traffic, so when your using it make sure to  concentrate on making your website accessible and compatible with social media platforms.

Things change over time, however, so health-checking tools like Nibbler can ensure that your site remains in optimal condition.

Best tool to check how Google reads your site

When dealing with SEO, you have to consider how Google’s algorithms read a site’s code to determine page rank. This will be optimized initially, but the algorithms change over time. A tool like Screaming Frog is necessary to ensure your page rank keeps climbing.

Best link error checking tool

Web pages and resources change and disappear over time and can leave your site with dead links, creating an unprofessional appearance. Tools like Error 404 by Atom SEO can identify dead links, ensuring you leave a positive impression.


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