How to save gas at home

How to save gas at home: 12 tricks

The price of electricity has always been the main complaint of world households. But the gas is not going to lag behind. Surely you have already discovered this winter when your bills have arrived. It is not about you not cooking or lighting the heating, but you can save gas if you take a series of measurements. We share some tips on how to save gas at home.

12 tricks on how to save gas at home

1. Take advantage of the sunHow to save gas at home

When the sun hits your windows, take advantage to warm your house. Open the curtains, raise the blinds and let the rays rise a few degrees the temperature. It is one of the best tips on how to save gas at home.

2. Program the thermostatHow to save gas at home

By day, when you are at home, with 21 degrees is enough to not get cold. When you leave a few hours at home or during the night, you can lower the temperature to 15 degrees. The best option to control it is to install a thermostat. For each degree of less, you will save 8% energy.

3. Each room is a world

However, you must also adapt the temperature to each room. A simple way is with thermostatic valves for radiators. These devices allow you to program the temperature individually. So, for example, a room that is used little can leave it at 15 degrees. Even turn off the radiator and close the door if you never use it.

4. Ventilates with the heating off

How many times have you started to open the windows with the hot radiators? From now on, to save gas,  turn off the heating before venting.

A few minutes are enough to renew the air and avoid moisture stains (they can increase the heating bill by 20%).

5. When leaving, turn off the heatingHow to save gas at home

Many times we tend to leave the heating on when we leave home so it is hot when we return. But in reality, it is a useless expense. It is best to program the thermostat to turn on a few minutes before we enter through the door.

6. Check the radiators

Radiators accumulate dust, so remember to clean them often because, believe it or not, if they are dirty they consume more. The same if you cover them with wet clothes or put furniture in front. In addition, you must purge the radiators at the beginning of winter. It is one of the best tips on how to save gas at home.

7. Boiler maintenance

Very important is also, if you want to save gas, perform the annual boiler review.

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8. Doors and windows, isolated

None of the above recommendations is worthless if your doors and windows are not well insulated. Perhaps it is enough to put some weather strips. Similarly, in winter lowers the blinds in and closes the curtains as soon as the sun goes down.

9. Eye with hot water

Heating is the main expense of gas in a home, but not the only one. Hot water also has good blame for the bill to go off. Therefore, to save gas, we recommend that you take a series of precautions:

Program the temperature to 45 degrees maximum.

Ditch instead of bathing. Not only will you save gas, but you will also spend around 30,000 liters of water less per year.

Turn off the water while you soaping.

The control of the tap, always in cold water. Most of the time you do not need hot water. When you have to scrub or shower, you can always adjust the temperature.

Did you know that the thermostatic faucet only takes two seconds to reach the desired temperature? The traditional one needs at least one minute.

10. Think green

The ecological houses are also more efficient. If you live in an individual house, surely you have considered the option of installing solar panels or take advantage of geothermal energy to reduce the bill for supplies. Another option is to place plants on the roof, an element that isolates both acoustically and climatologically. Wood is also a very effective natural insulator.

11. Take advantage of the heat of the kitchen

While you are cooking or you have the oven on, you can take advantage to lower the thermostat a little.

On the other hand, if your kitchen is gas, make sure the burners are clean. Similarly, turn off the heat when the food is almost ready and take advantage of the residual heat to finish it. It is one of the best tips on how to save gas at home.

12. Compare the prices

That we have left it for the end does not mean it is less important. Make a comparison of the prices of the different gas companies and hire the services from which you make the best offer according to your needs. When making the search, you should be clear about the estimated consumption, the characteristics of your home, the number of people living in it and what gas is used for.