How to be a good leader in 2019: Here are 12 useful tips

Do you feel you are a good leader or do you have much to improve?

It doesn’t matter if you run a company, manage an organization or a team, but the leadership skills to be a good leader are very important in whatever you do, even if only to guide yourself in the life you travel every day.

Some people seem already born knowing what to do to be a good leader, inspiring and guiding people, but for most of us, this is not natural.

Fortunately, for everyone, leadership is not a magical gift, but a set of skills that can be acquired and practiced.

It might be easier for someone than for others, but developing leadership to be a good leader is within our reach.

You just have to want it and be willing to work to develop your leadership.

If you want to change your leadership in 2019, then reading this article can help you do it.

Let’s examine them one by one.

The advice to be a good leader

Here are 12 useful tips to try to improve as a leader in 2019 …

A leader knows the priorities and the value of his interventions

To be a good leader you need to be able to distinguish priorities from urgencies and well know about the Objectives and key results – OKRS.

A good leader establishes and respects the rules for himself and his team

A true leader establishes the rules of the game for the whole team but also for himself, in the sense that he personally must set an example by respecting them personally.

If it does not, its integrity is at risk, an essential feature for lasting leadership.

A good leader needs serious criticism

A good leader can grow continuously only if he accepts the feedback on his way of driving.

An enemy of leadership is the ego, which can make you lose the right path and make you an ineffective leader.

A leader knows how to seize opportunities

In the face of obstacles we can renounce and adopt the attitude of the “poor me”, or look at adversity as an opportunity to grow and find other ways to do things.

Knowing how to turn obstacles into opportunities is one of the successful strategies in life and work.

A leader thinks long term

A leader is not a leader without a vision, as only an ever-constant view of the future allows the goal and goals to be achieved to be constantly achieved for oneself and others.

A leader does the right thing, facing any unexpected obstacle

We have already seen how important it is for a leader to have priorities and not to confuse priorities with emergencies.

Knowing how to read the right situation and understand what there is to do, however, is not enough to be successful.

A leader remains lucid

For a lasting leadership a leader needs to show strong integrity, without being overwhelmed by success.

To do this you need a strong character and a strong self-control.

A good leader is humble

A leader if he wants lasting success must learn to practice humility,

In truth, humility is an almost paradoxical human quality, because if one does not really practice it with the heart, it can be manipulated by reason as a weapon to hide a presumption of perfection.

A good leader is generous

One of the indispensable qualities of the Leader is generosity.

An  effective leader, the kind of leader that people follow, does not collect things and skills just for himself, but collects them to  equip  and value others.

In addition, Workboard software develop generosity is a fundamental path that every leader must take.

The leader places the mission above himself

A true leader chooses to serve his mission above personal interests.

This also means not making the mistake No. 1 of leadership which is what a leader does when he puts his own interests before the group he leads.

The leader is always controlled

A good leader has a strong  emotional self-awareness , that is, he knows how to recognize his emotions and knows how to best manage them through a strong mastery of himself , so that he can direct them towards the goals he has set himself.

The leader is a good reader

The good leader is in constant evolution and in continuous improvement .

The much can acquire much knowledge and other points of view.

Through the reading of lives, other people’s successes, failures and accomplishments, one can increase the ways of seeing life and spare oneself from going along the wrong paths that the experience of others invites us not to undertake.

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