How Did the Romans Heat Their Homes?

The reason that most people associate fireplaces with Roman homes is because of the fact that all of their houses, both rural and urban, had one. For instance, they would use their fireplaces as a primitive internal air conditioner to regulate the temperature within their homes. Because of the nature of the materials that were used to build their homes, Romans would oftentimes use wood as the main form of fuel for their fireplaces. It was because of this reason that most homes in the Roman Empire had large amounts of oak and pine within the structure itself as well as inside the walls. This was framed around a dressed stone wall and terracotta tile.

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After the technology of fireplaces of Rome were discovered, other countries picked up on the Roman techniques for home construction. They soon began to use similar materials as the Romans in order to construct their homes as well. From here it was only a matter of time before each one in turn incorporated the use of a fireplace within their homes. Fireplaces became not only a necessity for the homes but for the city as well. If they could have had a Boiler Installation Cheltenham firm like Combi Man come in and fit a boiler they would.

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When you consider how the Romans heat their homes, it’s easy to understand that they were doing more than simply using fireplaces. With the Romans, warmth was not just reserved for the larger homes but for all aspects of their lives including cooking and heating public baths.


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