Is it time to decorate the office again?

With so many now working from home the impetus to go back into the office is greatly reduced. What can employers do, short of ordering them, to get their hard working home based colleagues back (or do they even want to?). Part of the answer might lie in giving the office a bit of a spruce up. Some new Reception Chairs from Bestbuy Office Chairs for example or maybe a new lick of paint and some nice corporate artwork.

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Creating the most perfect space in the office for colleagues is not that easy. The best place would be to start looking at what you already have. What is actually working and what do people like. It might be an idea to conduct a quick Zoom or Teams call to see what would bring the staff back in. It seems clear that some form of social distancing is possible going to be required.

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Once you have your office space done, you will then need to begin thinking about how to decorate it. First of all, think about what would look best in your office space. You may want to go with a colorful mural that is hanging on the wall, but you may also want to add some artistic elements to the room as well. One thing that you can do to make an artistic effect onto your office is to paint it white. This will make it very inviting and give it an artistic look. Of course, you should also remember to add a little storage in your office; after all, all those returning colleagues will want to have somewhere to store their belongings.

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