What is a Building Survey and why is it Necessary?

When you are buying a house there is a lot more to it than just seeing a house and saying’ yes I’ll take it!’ Because it is such a big purchase it will need to have legal documentation and checks will need to be done before the purchase can go ahead.

One of the things that needs to happen before you complete on a property is a building survey. For this you need to find a professional company who specialises in this such as Sam Conveyancing building survey Manchester based company.

A building survey is a detailed report of the structural condition of the property. It will contain a description of the condition of parts of the house, highlight the need to repair and include whether repairs are urgent or not, as well as the possible cost of repairing it.

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Some surveys are more detailed than others and usually the older a house is the more detailed the survey should be, but your solicitor will be able to advise you on this. It is also good to have a more detailed survey regardless of the age of the property, as this will allow you to see every possible problem with the house and what you might expect – it gives you a better indication of the condition of the house you are buying.

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In some cases, the survey might indicate a lot of structural repair work that needs to be done – some people decided not to proceed with the purchase at this point, although some people will then go back to the vendor and offer a lower amount for the property in light of the needed repairs.

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