How You can have a Sustainable Fashion Sense

Fashion is a forever changing trend, and for top clothing stores around the world, keeping up with that fashion demand is a full-time job; clothes usually come in, go into the sale, and then eventually new clothing is introduced. According to ‘Wrap’, £140 million pounds worth of clothing goes to UK landfills each year, which to many is shocking. When you are looking for your next outfit, why not visit a charity shop or a vintage thrift store? You could even have a go at making your own garments such as a party dress to wear to a Nightclub Cheltenham based venue, or a nightclub local to you – it will certainly save you lots of money. Here are the benefits of sustainable fashion.

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If you buy from a charity shop you are buying used clothing, which means you are not adding to the amount of clothing waste that goes into landfill; a lot of clothes at charity shops get donated every year, even if they are brand new, so there could be a chance you could find a designer label. If a piece of your clothing has ripped, why not sew it up instead of throwing it away? You could even buy a sewable, or iron on patch to go over it. If your clothing is beyond repair, why not turn it into a tote bag, or another accessory? You could even reuse it as a polishing cloth. 

Buying Ethically 

There are many places overseas that make clothing for certain companies, but these aren’t always ethical; a lot of people working to make these clothes are treated and paid unfairly, and they usually have to work very long hours. A lot of companies don’t take this approach, and make sure to source their clothing from ethical places. If you want to know how your favourite clothing shop performs in this aspect, there is an app called ‘Good on You’ that ranks clothing companies in terms of sustainability, and ethical clothing sources.

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 Environmental Effects

Did you know? A whopping 2,000 gallons of water is used to make a pair of Jeans – shocking right? This is just one of the many ways unsustainable fashion is bad for the environment. A lot of energy is also used to make clothing, and synthetic fibres are made from coal, petroleum, air, and water, which causes a chemical reaction. Two of these elements are fossil fuels; when Coal is burnt, it unleashes carbon monoxide, which pollutes the air. Many synthetic materials are not biodegradable either, so it stays on the planet for many years to come. The main solution is to buy less or buy from second-hand stores, and when you are done with a piece of clothing, give it away to a charity shop, or repurpose it into something new.

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