Living Away From Home

So, you’ve signed your tenancy agreement, packed up your posters and lava lamp, met your new housemates and unpacked but now what? You’re hungry and there’s no one to cook dinner for you and you don’t know how to put a shelf up. Living away from home for the first time is a bit of a shock. Here are some helpful tips to make the transition a little less painful:

Avoid going home every weekend

Unless you’ve moved a considerable distance away from home, it’s tempting to jump on the train and head back home every weekend. You might enjoy the pampering, a chance to get a good night’s sleep and your laundry done. However, try to resist the temptation as it won’t help you settle. Maybe give it a month before heading home, throw yourself into student life and learn how to be independent.

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Look after your money

This can be the biggest pitfall for students new to independent living. Learning how to budget is one of the biggest life skills you’ll deal with while you’re away from home. Don’t ignore bills, make sure you set aside enough for rent and groceries and don’t blow it all on booze!

Don’t be afraid to make friends

It sounds daunting, but you’ll find everyone feels the same and is the same boat. Try to forget about feeling self-conscious and get stuck in with all the activities on offer. Be sure to check out the societies and clubs available at Fresher’s Week and you’ll soon find plenty of other like-minded people.

Stay safe

Security is very important, especially if you’re not based in halls of residence. Find a property close to the student community and the bus stop, so you don’t have a long walk home at night. Student houses should have locks on all windows and doors. You might also consider taking out insurance to cover your things from the risk of theft. For high-quality, secure Student accommodation Gloucester, visit studentaccommodationgloucester

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Think ahead

Being a student seems to last forever and you find yourself living in a way that’s a bit detached from reality. Remember that the real world is waiting for you once your studies are complete, so think ahead and graduate in a good position. Study hard and get the best qualifications you can, don’t get too far into debt and get a great landlord’s reference. This will make your transition to the big wide world of work in a strong position.





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