Rebozo: What it is and how to use it?

The Rebozo is a baby carrier that is increasingly revalued and appreciated. Here we explains what it is, how it is made and how it is used.

The babywearing is a clear revaluation and an increasing appreciation. However, still too often mothers and fathers let themselves be intimidated by the idea of a support to bring children that are not already ready for use, perhaps giving up a priori the unparalleled emotion of bringing their child into the band!

There are really a lot of things that could be told about this type of babywearing. We are sure that explanations and advice will be very useful to those who want to experiment with Rebozo and are looking for a healthy, safe, comfortable and ergonomic baby carrier. Much easier to approach than it seems.

What is the Rebozo?

It is, quite simply, a long baby carrier of medium-thick fabric that is used to “carry” children. Introduced by Mexican traditions, they wraps and knots baby around the body to get proper support of baby weight.

Technically, it is an unstructured baby carrier, as it has no knots, buckles, or pre-formed seams.

Here, in detail, the characteristics of the Rebozo

  • It allows to support the baby in a physiological position, guaranteeing the right support for the spine, head and legs;
  • It is comfortable (both for the parent and the child);
  • It is always perfect, because the binding is made, each time, by shaping the fabric of the Rebozo around the two bodies;
  • Unlike other baby carriers, the Rebozo is in sizes. This allows everyone to find the length best suited to their body size and the bindings they want to achieve, without having an excessive fabric deficit (which could be a nuisance);
  • It is made with a particular weave, which wraps but supports;
  • It is a valid support for babies to use already with newborns, recreating the natural fetal position and guaranteeing the containment that the little ones need;
  • Perfectly supports the growing weight of the child, up to over 3 years;
  • Distributes the weight of the child very well on the shoulders, back and sides of the wearer;
  • Gives possibility to bring in the 3 standard positions: front, side, back;
  • It is the baby carrier that undoubtedly allows the greatest number of ligatures (you can really indulge yourself!);
  • It allows to create ligatures composed of one to three layers of fabric on the child’s body, satisfying the different needs of containment, weight and seasonality.

How to use Rebozo?

The Rebozo is wrapped around the body of the bearer and the child, who is then accompanied and seated in an intersection of flaps, above the center of gravity of the wearer and perfectly adherent to his body. Finally, the binding is the last to guarantee a comfortable position for both.

There are various types of ligatures and with only one long rigid band it is possible to optimally accompany the growth of children, from newborns to older children, always finding the most comfortable and suitable position.

The Rebozo can be used in the 3 canonical positions: front, side and back. Every mother will be able to understand (experimenting) what is the best position for her age and her child’s needs. Some ligatures can be pre-knotted and prepared calmly before inserting the child, while others are made in itinerant and can be readjusted on the go.

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