mouse keeps disconnecting and reconnecting windows 10

What to do when mouse keeps disconnecting and reconnecting windows 10?

Windows 10 can have a lot of glitches. One of these glitches is constant connection and disconnection with the mouse. When this happens Windows will freeze, so it is important to know what you should do when this occurs. This can be really frustrating as you constantly have to wait for the cursor to show up on the screen again before being able to use it. If this is happening, here are some steps you should take.

Why did mouse keep disconnecting and reconnecting windows 10?

mouse keeps disconnecting and reconnecting windows 10

This issue may occur if your computer has no problems but there are several reasons why this could happen:

The mouse driver or software is not compatible with Windows 10 or is incompatible in some way

Temporary WiFi connection issues at home or office (the fix is simple)

You accidentally unplugged your mouse from its USB port

Your mouse was damaged by something (e.g. broken cord)

Some drivers have bugs that cause them to mess with other devices connected via the same USB cable. For instance, if multiple wireless mice were connected together into one hub, they might keep pairing back and forth. However, if only one mouse was plugged in, then the others would stop working completely. You’d need to look through your device list and remove any duplicate entries.

What to do when the mouse keeps disconnecting and reconnecting windows 10?

If the problem is caused by random disconnects your best bet is to backup your files and disable autoplay until you find out where the problem lies. The reason behind doing this is that Windows sometimes misbehaves and starts auto-playing certain content. This causes many of the problems we are experiencing which makes it difficult to trace down a solution.

To disable auto-playing media, go to Settings > Ease of Access > Customize Control Panel, scroll all the way down and click on “Change how Media Player behaves. Make sure that everything is unchecked except for “Prevent Autoplay”. After disabling autoplay, reboot. Some programs may restart after boot such as Chrome. Try enabling the program again once done rebooting.

In conclusion, this article has offered a number of solutions to fixing your mouse. If these don’t work for you, remember that sometimes the best solution is to just buy a new mouse. If you’re experiencing this issue and none of the tips above work, try an entirely different mouse.

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