Why Visit An Arboretum?

For a day of fun in nature, you and your family can explore an arboretum, a natural landscape that showcases thousands of species of plants, trees and is home to a great deal of wildlife. In addition to horticulture, arboreta can often feature sculptures, artwork, themed gardens, and quiet retreats where you can contemplate and relax. Visitors can learn about the ecological communities by visiting the Visitor Centre. Dog owners should leash their dogs when they enter the property, and visitors should adhere to arboretum rules.

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An arboretum also has a number of unique species which could include trees, shrubs, flowers and be home to a wide range of local wildlife.  The living displays are an ideal place to unwind after a stressful day or to take the family for a picnic during the nicer weather. These sites often have play areas for children and designated picnic spots.

An arboretum requires a great deal of upkeep and will often need to call on the services of professional tree surgeons, for example. Should you require a Tree Surgeon Poole, go to Kieran Boyland Tree surgeon Poole

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Planning a trip in the autumn, winter, spring or summer months will allow you to take in the beauty of the trees and how they appear at different times throughout the year. Arboreta are open all year-round, so anytime is a great time to visit. Whether you prefer the fresh energy of springtime awakenings or the flaming colours of autumn, an arboretum makes a calming and tranquil way to spend the day.

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