What Type of Machinery Does a Construction Company Need?

Whether a large scale commercial construction project or a smaller home build, there is some important equipment that can be found on all building sites. An excavator is one of the most common pieces of equipment used by a construction company. It is versatile and can be equipped with a variety of special attachments to perform various jobs. It is often used to move materials, dig trenches, and level the ground. Another common piece of machinery is a backhoe loader. This machine can be used to dig and load materials, essential actions for a building site environment.

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A boom lift is another popular piece of construction machinery. This type of vehicle usually has wheels and a long crane that extends to the rear. Its large platform is designed for workers to work from. Some boom lifts are telescopic while others are articulating. Regardless of what kind of crane your company needs, make sure to check with your construction company to see which machines will best fit their needs. For advice about Construction Companies Manchester, visit a site such as Piggott and Whitfield

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Essential construction equipment falls into four main categories – material handling, earth moving, construction vehicles and construction equipment.  Most of this equipment is tracked or wheeled and capable of carrying large loads. Wheeled loaders are the most common on a construction site, while tracked loaders are necessary for places that wheeled vehicles cannot reach. Earth moving machinery is crucial for material handling, construction and demolition projects. Construction vehicles include tankers, dumpers, loaders and tippers.


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